• Teaching The Actuality of Revolution

    A Review of Derek R. Ford’s ‘Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Aesthetics, Unlearning, and the Sensations of Struggle’

    History doesn’t happen because a small group of people share a complete political identity; it happens because masses of people shed their timidity, risk their reputations, livings, freedom, and lives, and let the actuality of revolution guide their every move.

  • Marx’s Nightmare

    He awoke with the aftertaste of his nightmare weighing heavily on his fading recollection of factory-fed vampires in striped pantaloons red runnels of blood flowing from their culled smiles squeezing the tears of the night shift workers into small vials assembled on conveyor belts to be sealed, stamped and sold back to the workers for […]

  • Con Los Ensenadenses

    I write from a dark place where oblivion follows me like my flickering shadow in the Ensenada sun along the boardwalks en el malecón con los vendedores I think of you no more (ya no pienso en ti) un clavo saca otro clavo la gente is primera somos benditos por ser revolucionarios y ya está […]

  • The Birth of a New Nation

    today, in a free clinic near the mean streets in the city of angels 6000 hardscrabble members of Marx’s always unpopular reserve army of unemployed, and their blank-faced children lined up uncomfortably outside of the Los Angeles Sports Arena to get their yellow wristbands their once-in-a-million ticket to see in the flesh a dentist, a […]

  • Here in America

    Here in America pistols are brandished by upbeat protestors swaggering to the downbeat hustle of what are called “town hall meetings” Their pieces swivel cowboy-style on pink stubby fingers like a blur of chrome hubcaps at a Nascar dragstrip Here, at these “town hall meetings” where the Grand Ole Opry meets the Beltway grim men […]

  • The Despoiling of the American Mind

    The American mind is a turbulent canister of contradictions: A blood-splotched Guantanamo prison cell floating delicately on a lotus pond, An unkempt bedroom strewn with silk undergarments Where truth sits in comfortable exile, A victim of extraordinary rendition stuffed into the drawer of an adolescent’s bed Covered in locomotive quilting from Pottery Barn Kids, A […]

  • The “Dirty Thirty’s” Peter McLaren Reflects on the Crisis of Academic Freedom

    Peter McLaren David Gabbard and Karen Anijar Appleton, “Fearless Speech in Fearful Times: An Essay Review of Capitalists and Conquerors, Teaching against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism, and Teaching Peter McLaren,” MRZine, 30 October 2005 Peter McLaren is Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of […]