• On Music and Politics

    Music and politics are alike in belonging, in principle, to everyone. We all have tunes running through our heads, we all sway to certain rhythms, and, in times not long past, it was common for almost everyone to sing.

  • Image: Climate March Vancouver / Flickr

    Toward building a “New World”

    If you really want changes requiring the dismantling of capitalism–and this does include the changes necessary to the imagined “green economy,”–then you will join in these efforts rather than condemning the project that inspires them.

  • "Make Ecocide An International Crime Now" sign on the tarmac at a rally against climate change

    Ecocide or Socialism?

    Ecocide–the destruction of the entire ecosystem–is a real prospect. Its possibility has been well known to scientists since the 1980s, if not earlier. Every projection of its pace has under estimated the actual rate of breakdown.

  • On Contact: Ecosocialism with Victor Wallis

    On Contact: Ecosocialism with Victor Wallis

    On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to writer, teacher and activist Victor Wallis about the prospect and need for ecosocialism. Wallis’ book is entitled ‘Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism’.

  • Capitalism by Sergej Bag

    Capitalism unhinged: crisis of legitimacy in the United States

    This is expanded and updated from an article first published in German in Das Argument: Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften, no. 323 (2017/3); republished with the kind permission of its editors; originally presented in a panel “The Crisis of the Political,” Institut für kritische Theorie, Berlin, June 9, 2017. For their comments and suggestions, I […]


    ‘13th’ and the culture of surplus punishment

    In one amendment, we have taken the land of the free to the land where 1 of 4 people are shackled and held as a slave.

  • The Trump Phenomenon

    Donald Trump is a wild card in the US presidential contest.  But his role reflects the loss of legitimacy of established US politicians. It is shocking — and perhaps peculiar to the United States — that a candidate can build up popular support while bragging of his immense personal fortune and his consequent ability to […]

  • Richard Levins and Dialectical Thinking

    For Richard Levins’s 85th birthday and his career as a scientist for the people. Richard Levins conveys the essence of dialectical thinking through the many examples he offers of its application, in every imaginable domain. Someone earlier than Dick — perhaps it was Hegel — remarked that, in contrast to formal logic, which is static, […]