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  • School strike for climate (FridaysForFuture) on Heldenplatz in Vienna (Austria) on March 15 2019

    Austria’s ‘Unsozial’ Capitalists in a Time of Crisis

    In a move seemingly reserved only for cartoonish villains, one of Austria’s best-known millionaires, Attila Doğudan, CEO of DO &CO—one of the largest culinary companies in Austria, and who employs over 11,000 people worldwide—has used the COVID-19 crisis to orchestrate a widespread layoff campaign against all restaurant employees within Austria.

  • Burqas and nuns

    Radicalizing women’s rights internationally

    The recent “burqa bans” in Austria and Quebec appear to be troubling legal manifestations of the rising tide of Islamaphobia in Europe and North America.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Jamaica, traffic lights, threats and knees

    The left can only succeed and make gains by taking the lead in overcoming confusion and directing anger against those truly responsible for issues impacting the working class: in direct opposition to the scapegoating of conservatives and liberals alike.

  • Austria, Bavaria, and Brandenburg Go to the Polls

    Bavaria, Germany’s largest state, borders on Austria: both have countless Alpine peaks, lots of men in lederhosen, and many right-wing Roman Catholic traditions.  Both had elections on Sunday.  Before nightfall many an otherwise happy yodeler showed tightly compressed lips and a grim look. In Austria the main parties, the conservative Austrian People’s Party and the […]