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  • Unionists Closely Watch Morales [Sindicalistas vigilarán de cerca a Morales]

    Las organizaciones sociales y populares más combativas y revolucionarias de Bolivia amenazaron con hacer renunciar al nuevo presidente Evo Morales, si éste no cumple con sus promesas de nacionalizar los hidrocarburos, elevar los salarios, dar tierra a los campesinos y erradicar el neoliberalismo. Por separado, una masiva asamblea de dirigentes de la Central Obrera Boliviana […]

  • The Nuclear Attack against Iran, the Aggression against Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia, and Socialism of the XXIst Century [El ataque nuclear contra Irán, la agresión contra Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia, y el Socialismo del Siglo XXI]

    El futuro de la Revolución Bolivariana en América Latina se ve más brillante desde que Evo Morales participa en la construcción del Bloque Regional de Poder (BRP) de América Latina, en lo que será probablemente el año más peligroso para la humanidad desde el fin de la “Guerra Fría”: el año del ataque de la […]

  • South Africa: An Odd Model for Bolivia

    It’s odd that Bolivian president elect Evo Morales should have chosen South Africa as his first port of call in drumming up international support ahead of his January 22 presidential inauguration.  In a televised speech during his recent visit to South Africa, Morales said he wanted to “learn from South Africa’s experience of nation-building.”  But […]

  • Bolivia’s Trial by Fire

    The Social Movements and the State Among the presidential candidates that ran in the December election, Evo Morales has the broadest ties to the country’s social movements. However, he has played limited roles in the popular uprisings of recent years. During the height of the gas war in 2003, when massive mobilizations were organized to […]

  • Showdown in the Andes: Bolivian Election Likely to Shift Latin America Further to Left

    In Washington, he’s been referred to as a “narco-terrorist” and a “threatto stability.”  In Bolivia, he’s simply called “Evo.”  For many in the Andean country, presidential candidate Evo Morales represents a way out of poverty and marginalization.  He has pledged to nationalize the country’s natural gas reserves, reject any US-backed free-trade agreement, and join the […]

  • Music for the MAS

    As election day (now rescheduled for December 18, 2005) approaches, musicians are mobilizing in Bolivia. Who are on the side of Evo Morales and el Movimiento al Socialismo? Arawi, Tupay, Alejandro Cámara, Semilla, and la banda Real Imperial de Oruro, among others. Here are two samples of music for the MAS. “Cholita Marina para Evo” […]

  • Bolivia: Elections and Left Strategy

    The small Andean nation hit the news again on October 31, 2005 with the announcement that elections originally scheduled for December 2005 were to be postponed indefinitely. This most recent political crisis was orchestrated by the agro-industrialist elite from Santa Cruz, who are using procedural rules to thwart the move towards the deepening of democracy. […]