• | David Gilbert the Nation | MR Online

    Advocates applaud Parole Board’s decision to release 76 year-old David Gilbert

    After nearly 40 years in prison, Gilbert transformed his life and the lives of countless others behind bars.

  • | Longshore workers walk off the job in solidarity with Teamsters in San Pedro Calif | MR Online

    How labor can win at the bargaining table

    A new report from Berkeley is a rare piece of good news for American labor—and a bracing reminder of what real organizing looks like.

  • | István Mészáros | MR Online

    After alienation

    Since the collapse of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union, many on the left seem to have swallowed the idea that there is no alternative to capitalism.

  • | | MR Online

    The continental revolution

    Between the end of the Civil War and the early 20th century, the United States underwent one of the most profound economic transformations that any country has ever experienced. In 1865, the United States lagged far behind Britain in manufacturing output; by 1900, it would surpass the totals of Britain, France, and Germany combined.

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    ‘Trump Is Just Tearing Off the Mask’

    It’s very easy to say, “Oh, Trump’s gone off the reservation.” But actually, this is part of the American political culture, past and present.… Go back to the Know-Nothings, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, the Southern strategy. This is an important strand of our political culture.…That’s a more frightening thought than calling Trump a lunatic and an aberration.