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    Charlie Chaplin and Karl Marx in conversation

    Modern Times, directed by Charlie Chaplin, was released in 1936, in the depths of the Great Depression. It opens with a clock marking the beginning of the working day and a sentence: “A story of industry, of individual enterprise—humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness.”

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    The climate-migration-industrial complex

    Thirty years ago there were fifteen border walls around the world. Now there are seventy walls and over one billion national and international migrants. International migrants alone may even double in the next forty years due to global warming.

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    Plastics and fossil fuels

    Follow the History of Technological Systems.

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    Courts, Kavanaugh, and constitutional hardball

    On November 22, 1895 Eugene V. Debs stepped outside of the Woodstock Jail in Chicago, where he had been imprisoned for six months. Debs, the President of the American Railway Union, had been one of the leaders of the Pullman Strike of 1894, considered by many to be the first major national strike in American labor history.

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    Invitation to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Miss America protest

    50 years ago Women’s Liberation protested the Miss America Pageant and threw.

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    Science fiction and the angel of history

    A review of, ‘Sorry to Bother You’.

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    Gender as colonial object

    The spread of Western gender categories through European colonization.

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    American behavioral fascism, anti-fascism and democracy

    Dark Thoughts from Paris on a Hot and Sunny Friday.

  • | Human rights demonstrators outside the Hart Senate Office Building before the confirmation hearings of Gina Haspel © Art Laffin | MR Online

    “Bloody Gina,” the CIA, and the Senate

    Why Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing was a democratic farce.

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    Capitalism has been the subject of too many conflicting definitions for any of the claims that follow to have any purchase on truth — understood as an adequation to the real. Beneath the numerous disagreements, however, a common substratum can be gleaned between the liberal Smithian, and the classical Marxist and Weberian positions: capitalism is a system geared at fostering accumulation for its own sake.

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    Is equality enough?

    Race/isms Book Forum is a new series aimed at bringing established and emerging voices together in conversation around recent work that critically engages our world’s racial scripts, past and present. The structure of the forum is straightforward. We invite three to four thinkers to grapple with a book, highlighting a section of it, and then provide the author(s) an opportunity to respond however they see fit.

  • | If a free society cannot help the many who are poor it cannot save the few who are rich John F Kennedy © mSeattle | Flickr | MR Online

    Neoliberalism’s populist bastards

    After the twin victories of Brexit and Trump in 2016, observers across the political spectrum described a face-off between populism and neoliberal globalism. Davos Man, we were told, stood shamed before the wrath of the masses. In a series of electoral defeats for the center and left, the world’s elites were reaping the fruits of the inequality and democratic disempowerment they had sown.

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    The feminist eagles

    Long before the present resurrection of this emboldened feminist movement (forcing people to frantically Google the term), I sensed it coming as the teacher advisor of my high school’s feminist club, the Feminist Eagles.

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    From progressive neoliberalism to Trump and beyond

    Whoever speaks of “crisis” today risks being dismissed as a bloviator, given the term’s banalization through endless loose talk. But there is a precise sense in which we do face a crisis today. If we characterize it precisely and identify its distinctive dynamics, we can better determine what is needed to resolve it.

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    Concrete utopia

    Where is Utopia today? Is this question relevant? One might argue that the term utopia is incongruous with the politics of our time, to say the least. Not only does the term ‘utopia’ indicate no place, when it found a place, it was mistreated and mutilated. What would be the place for utopian thinking in a world that is desperate to solve the accrued problems that it has created for itself? Would utopian thinking distract us from the real tribulations besetting the world?

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    Debt comes for us all

    “DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN GO INTO CRIPPLING DEBT LIKE I HAVE!” I shout, as I and a group of students with SENS-UAW make our way to a major intersection just off Union Square. We wave signs, hoist our banner and merge into the crowd. We are protesting the new GOP tax bill, which will affect the lives of current, previous, and prospective students in critical and long-lasting ways.