• | Edinburgh May Day march 2019 Image by Pete Cannell CC0 | MR Online

    The power to change the system

    With COP26 just around the corner, a wave of industrial action in Scotland is demonstrating the huge opportunity of linking workers’ struggle with climate organising. Sara Bennett, Pete Cannell and Raymond Morrell argue that huge shifts in climate struggle are on the way, and that building these links will be essential to winning revolutionary change.

  • | Theatre of the Oppressed | MR Online

    Theatre of the oppressed as a political method

    This article focuses on the ‘poetics’ of the Theatre of the Oppressed. These are a set of forms and techniques that challenged the traditional model of theatre. Coudray argues that the key to Boal’s politics lay in the form and the process over the content of the plays.

  • | TUC Library Collections | MR Online

    Race, gender and social reproduction in British capitalism, 1945-78

    How can we understand the way that capitalism comes to be gendered and racialised?

  • | A Salsa band playing on the street in Trinidad Cuba Image Pixabay | MR Online

    A Marxist theory of music: it’s all in the groove

    It is a defence of popular music, but in the first place it is an attempt to explain why the music of our time sounds the way it does.

  • | Image OnceAndFutureLauraFlickr | MR Online

    A farewell to Omelas: remembering Ursula Le Guin

    I had a friend who as a child wrote to Ursula Le Guin. He was feeling miserable, bad things had happened to him and he wanted to run away to Earthsea. He told her that he felt ashamed that he wasn’t facing up to life, felt it was a failing that he just wanted to live a fantasy.

  • | Automobile Factory Production Motor Industrial | MR Online

    Marx and historical materialism

    Karl Marx was a materialist – more than that, he was a historical materialist. Marxists, in order to establish their credentials in political arguments, frequently claim that they are giving a materialist analysis of a phenomenon. The claim that a materialist analysis is being provided both attests to the Marxist credentials of the argument, and validates the attitudes and actions that follow from that analysis.

  • | Workers strike at Walmart stores nationwide in November 2014 | MR Online

    ‘On new terrain’—How Capital is reshaping the battleground of class war

    Since the Great Recession there has been much debate on the nature of capitalism and the crisis of neoliberalism. Often this has resulted in theories which emphasise finance capital, precarious employment, and play to a generally left Keynesian politics, such as that being pursued within the Labour Party currently.

  • | Section of the Diego Riveras mural From the conquest to 1930 focusing on Marx and the class struggle | MR Online

    The total Marx and the total theory of literature

    Revolutionary reflections is proud to publish a lost gem of Marxist aesthetic theory by Ian Birchall. Originally the piece was given as a paper at a conference on the Grundrisse and the “total Marx” on 5 June 1971 (the day after the death of Marxist theoretician Georg Lukács). It was published in Situating Marx: Evaluations […]

  • | Capitalism also depends upon domestic labor | MR Online

    Social Reproduction Theory: going beyond Marx’s Capital

    Colin Barker of Manchester rs21 introduced a panel discussion to launch the book Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping Class, Recentering Oppression at the recent Historical Materialism conference in London . We reproduce Colin’s presentation here.