• | John Pilger | MR Online

    ‘The invasion of Afghanistan was a fraud’: an interview with John Pilger

    The Taliban were a convenient target to satisfy a political lust for revenge for 9/11.

  • | A guide to flattening the curve of economic chaos | MR Online

    A guide to flattening the curve of economic chaos

    Well-thought-out policies can reverse the results of incompetence; the onus is on the Centre to spend now

  • | Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan | Photo Credit S Gopakumar | MR Online

    Constitution is supreme and above all the customs and beliefs: Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

    In conversation with the Chief Minister who just completed 1,000 days in office

  • | Why Gandhi and Marx are more relevant now than ever before | MR Online

    Legacies crucial for the commons

    The 150th birth anniversary year of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx went by this year. Such anniversaries can become occasions of tokenism—for instance, the Indian government has set up a committee with more than 100 members to coordinate celebrations of Gandhi’s anniversary, crammed with political bigwigs from various parties, a few academics and Gandhian workers.

  • | Samir Amin From Dakar with Love | Business Vision bvworld | MR Online

    Death of a Marxist

    Amin’s thesis—in economics—was written while he was active in the French Communist Party. In the thesis, he thought hard about the problems of his native land and other countries despoiled by the colonial menace. For Amin, as with other dependency theorists, the Third World suffered from theft, plunder as well as deindustrialisation, and then unequal exchange.

  • | In this July 8 2018 file photo a supporter of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva waves a banner decorated with an image depicting da Silva and message that reads in Portuguese Free Lula in front of the Federal Police Department where he is serving jail time in Curitiba Brazil | Photo Credit AP | MR Online

    The narrative is still Lula

    He has been condemned to this cell in Curitiba by a judicial process that has his supporters outraged and his detractors gleeful. A week ago, judges went back and forth over whether he could be released while he appealed a verdict on a corruption case known as Operation Car Wash.