• | Green growth | MR Online

    Green growth

    Capitalist and neocolonial fantasies are hampering a just transition.

  • | Climate Change as Class War Matthew Huber | MR Online

    Class struggle or degrowth?

    Without class struggle the emancipatory potential of degrowth will fail to be realized. A revolutionary pedagogy can help to unify them.

  • | The coronavirus pandemic is like a chunk of ice falling off of a melting glacier You can see the ice falling but you cant see the melting of the whole glacier Photo by Roland Seiffert | MR Online

    This pandemic is ecological breakdown: Different tempo, same song

    Comparisons between the toll of COVID-19 and climate change are not helpful because they view each as two separate “things”

  • | A reindeer stands in silent protest in front of a hydro power plant on Indigenous Sámi land in northern Scandinavia Image Tobias Herrmann CC BY NC 20 | MR Online

    Who owns the Green New Deal?

    Making sense of remote ownership problems and place-based governance. Grappling with entrenched problems of remote ownership is one way to take a focused approach to building momentum for this movement.

  • | Marx Cyborg | MR Online

    Redwashing capital

    Left tech bros are honing Marx into a capitalist tool

  • | Japanese police carrying away a protestor Photo Eliza Egret | MR Online

    A lifetime opposing the U.S. military on Okinawa

    There are eighty of us sitting down, linking arms, blocking the gates of a US military base. Private security guards are lined up behind us, while men in uniform film us from behind barbed-wire fences. Suddenly, Japanese police officers pile out of their vans in their dozens. They grab a protester, a woman in her seventies. She goes limp and screams “US bases out of Okinawa!” as they carry her away.