• | President Donald Trump spoke to Long Island law enforcement officers and officials Friday at Suffolk County Community College about their successes | MR Online

    Trump just delivered the most chilling speech of his presidency

    Trump sent a message to Latinos in America — both unauthorized immigrants who are liable to be arrested by ICE at any time and might be falsely accused of gang membership in the process, and legal immigrants and citizens who nonetheless might “look like a gang member” to the wrong person based on the color of their skin. Trump is telling them there is no one who can keep them safe.

  • | Dictator boss | MR Online

    How bosses are (literally) like dictators

    There are three types of work places governments, there are public, private and the other. Public government simply means that the power of the business is spread between the higher ups and the regular employees, while private is where the big guy up top has all the power and the business is his and his alone. The other is everything from family owned and operated to employee owned and opporated. This in turn is how a small government is ran or dictated.

  • | Revenue effect of proposals related to the Trump Administrations 2017 tax plan | MR Online

    Trump’s tax cuts would give the poor $40 each and the ultrarich $940,000

    When challenged on the numbers for its tax proposals, the Trump administration has insisted that they’ll lead to large-scale economic growth, which can largely offset the cost. The TPC finds that this isn’t the case.

  • | Skull with Sunglasses fossil | MR Online

    Did that New York magazine climate story freak you out? Good.

    David Wallace-Wells has a cover story on climate change in New York magazine that has kicked up quite a discussion. It’s about worst-case scenarios…[and] the dystopian future the piece describes is much worse, and forecast to happen much sooner, than most people.… I won’t rehearse the parade of horribles.… Instead, I want to address some of the critical reaction to the piece, which I have found … irksome.