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  • Continental Day of Solidarity and Action, in Support of Pelican Bay Strikers’ Five Core Demands

      Tuesday, August 23rd, 4:30-6:30 PM Join us and make some noise at Governor Cuomo’s Office for THE CONTINENTAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY AND ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THE PELICAN BAY STRIKERS’ 5 CORE DEMANDS On August 23rd, there will be a special Legislative Hearing on Torture and the Solitary Housing Unit at Pelican Bay in […]

  • June 27: Demonstrate against US/NATO Attacks on Libya

      The United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC) calls for demonstrations on June 27 against the US/NATO attacks on Libya.  June 27 is the date that the NATO mandate expires and their new mandate comes into effect. The United National Antiwar Committee was founded at a conference of 800 in Albany, NY in July 2010.  For […]

  • The Battle of Blair Mountain

      “In 1921, Blair Mountain, W. Va., was the site of a major milestone in the history of the labor movement when 15,000 union miners took a stand against the coal industry.  This week, Blair Mountain may end up being a new milestone in the movement to abolish mountaintop-removal coal mining and perhaps the larger […]

  • Egypt: Protesters, Police Clash Outside Israeli Embassy

    Scores of protesters in Cairo clash with Egyptian security forces in front of the Israeli embassy. They were gathering to urge Egypt to cut ties with Israel and also show support for the Palestinians’ Third Intifada. As tensions grew, security forces used live rounds, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. According to Egyptian officials over 10 protesters were injured and 30 arrested.

  • Finally in Gaza

      The sun had not yet risen in Cairo, as the Stay Human convoy began to prepare the departure for Gaza.  The journey about to be embarked upon was one filled with expectations and hope.  The importance of crossing the border at Rafah following the protests that brought down the Mubarak regime was on the […]

  • Terminate the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement

      Excerpt: On January 11, 2006, the United States signed into law the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which entered into force between the United States and Bahrain on August 1, 2006.  In light of the ongoing brutal repression of peaceful protest carried out by the police and armed forces of Bahrain and the Gulf […]

  • Bahrain’s Dark Secret

      Yaara Bou Melhem: On the edge of the capital, Manama, thousands gather for the funeral of a young man.  Hani Jumah was 32 years old and the father of two children. . . .  It’s a scene repeated over and over in Bahrain, where there are more and more killings, more and more funerals, […]

  • Congratulations to the People of Iceland!

      10 April 2011 Congratulations to the people of Iceland! The Repudiate the Debt Campaign welcomes and applauds the decision of the people of Iceland to reject the bank bail-out that would subsidise the wealthy elite.  They showed great courage in rejecting the terms and conditions and in resisting the pressure from the European Union […]

  • Address to the “We Are Ohio” Rally to Kick Off the Referendum Campaign to Repeal Senate Bill 5

      I find it no coincidence that we gather on the week following the commemoration of the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was meeting to speak on behalf of garbage workers who sought the ability to collectively bargain.  They wanted, like you, […]

  • Day of Anger on Friday in Saudi Arabia

    Cyber activists have created a group on Facebook calling for a “Day of Anger” on Friday in the eastern Saudi region, following the arrest of a Muslim cleric.

  • Ohio: Rigged Game

      Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 passed today, 17-16. — Ed. Rigged Game So, after a full and fair debate on SB#5 before a Committee the majority of whom are Republicans, the Bill was going down to defeat.  Two Republican Senators, Hughes and Seitz had reasoned the Bill was unfair to public employees and was overreaching. […]

  • Rally to Save Ohio’s Middle Class

      Tues. March 1 starting 10AM going all day West Lawn of the Statehouse THE SENATE IS EXPECTED TO VOTE ON SENATE BILL 5 TUESDAY. For more info, visit <>.   var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print  

  • Bahrain: Army Officers Join Protesters

      Joining the protest was a small group of army officers, conscious that the military firing on protesters contributed to the death toll of seven.  “We decided that our job is to protect people, not to beat them up.  Weapons that have been used against the people are weapons of shame.  These weapons should be […]

  • Egypt: Which Way Is the Way Forward? Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy

      Saturday, February 5th, 8 pm (Egyptian time) What are some of the hurdles the protest movement is facing?  Are there divisions emerging while trying to find common ground? Yesterday the square was completely packed with more than one million protestors and Alexandria witnessed similar protests as well as the other provinces.  But there are […]

  • The Dystopia Files

      The 1999 WTO protests in Seattle marked a turning point both for political protest and for the ways in which the state attempts to control it.  Protesters developed new models of organizing (e.g. affinity groups and spokescouncils) and new tactics of direct action.  Governments, in turn, heightened security measures by denying protest permits, surveilling […]

  • In Solidarity with the People of Egypt

      “We need more protests abroad in front of Egyptian embassies.” — Hossam el-Hamalawy Ann Arbor Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Cincinnati Columbus, Ohio Dearborn Kansas City Los Angeles Manhattan Portland, Oregon Queens San Francisco Seattle Washington, DC Auckland, New Zealand Berlin, Germany Beirut, Lebanon Caracas, Venezuela Copenhagen, Denmark Dublin, Ireland Edmonton, Canada Istanbul, Turkey London, […]

  • Tunisians Vow to Overthrow Government

      “O, Tunisian people, rise up against the remnants of the dictatorship!” Fatima Thawadi, Primary School Teacher: We will not negotiate with this government, and we will never give up.  The Tunisian people will have the last word.  This crystal building in the middle of the capital, the RCD should fear to stay in this […]

  • Tunisia: The Force of Disobedience

      Sadri Khiari, Tunisian activist exiled in France since early 2003, is one of the founding members of the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic (PIR), of which he is currently one of the key leaders.  He has published, among others, Tunisie. Le délitement de la cité : coercition, consentement, résistance, éditions Karthala, Paris, 2003; […]

  • Israel and the Iranian Opposition

      On Sunday, 12 December, the Iran Committee organized a demonstration in Amsterdam against “human rights violations” in Iran.  This committee was initiated by the Centre for Information and Documentation about Israel (CIDI), which is an influential pro-Israel lobby.  The leadership of this committee consists of right-wing politicians, Christian fundamentalists, anti-Muslim racists, and unfortunately a […]

  • Kino Pravda 3G

      The detritus of mobile phone footage of protests, from Tehran to Toronto, over the last year . . . assembled without grand narratives of the mainstream media. Public Studio is a transient Toronto artist collective. | Print