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  • Michael Mark Cohen

    “I felt an urgency the publishing industry did not share”: Michael Mark Cohen and cartooning capitalism

    I spent a tremendous amount of time digging around in old socialist and union newspapers, journals, magazines and pamphlets where I expected to read the work of earnest revolutionaries discussing socialist strategy and news from the latest strikes around the world. Of course, I found all that and more. – Michael Mark Cohen

  • The “Brown International” of the European Far Right

      In the lead-up to the international day of action against fascism on 22 March, Thanasis Kampagiannis, writing in the latest issue of Σοσιαλισμός από Κάτω (Socialism From Below), the theoretical journal of the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK), looks at the danger of a major far Right breakthrough in May’s European Parliament elections and […]

  • Egypt: The Only Way Up and Out

    The pro-SCAF, way down in the hole: “Strike them, O Sisi!”
    The pro-MB, way down in the hole: “You are the enemies of Islam!”
    On the red flag leading the way up and out:
    “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice”

  • Brazil: The Giant Awoke and . . .

    More and more people pouring into the streets: “Free pass!”; “A R$3.20 fare is a robbery!”; “No to 3.20!”

    But there is a danger. Don’t fall in love with yourselves. This movement is totally beautiful. But what matters is: What will change when everything gets back to normal?

  • What Iran Will Do With US RQ-170 Sentinel Drone

      Sajjad Jafari is an Iranian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published by Fars News, reproduced here for non-profit entertainment purposes. Cf. “The number of [scientific] publications from Iran has grown from just 736 in 1996 to 13,238 in 2008 — making it the fastest growing country in terms of numbers of scientific publications in the […]

  • Tunisia: The Powers of the New President

    President Moncef Marzouki, Leader of the Congress for the Republic: “See, I’ve taken the oath. What power do I have now?”

  • Begging Iran for Drone Back

      “Could you maybe give me back my plane?!!” Abbas Goodarzi, born in 1978, is an Iranian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published on his Web site as well as numerous news Web sites in Iran; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at] gmail.com).  

  • Thief

    What happens to those who expose the biggest thief?

  • Saudi King Calls for Freedom in Syria

      The King of Saudi Arabia calls for “freedom” in Syria . . . but where in Saudi Arabia is Khaled al-Johani? Saad Hajo is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published in As-Safir on 9 August 2011; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes. | Print  

  • Sol

    May our sun, the Puerta del Sol camp in Madrid, not be turned off!

  • Palestine and Iraq in the Eyes of Kalvellido and Azagra

      “Palestine and Iraq in the Eyes of Kalvellido and Azagra.”  That’s the title of a series of panel cartoons by Spanish artists Juan Kalvellido and Carlos Azagra, who have criticized, in their own way, that is to say by cartoons, the wars in Iraq and Palestine in recent years. This exhibition, organized by the […]

  • People’s History of American Empire

    Labor and political cartoonist Mike Konopacki — close friend and collaborator of UE’s cartoonist Gary Huck — has produced a brilliant book-length graphic adaptation of a major portion of Howard Zinn’s classic A People’s History of the United States. Created in collaboration with Zinn and historian Paul Buhle, Konopacki’s A People’s History of American Empire tells, in pictures and text, the story of U.S. government and corporate policies of controlling other people’s countries — from the seizure of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba in the Spanish-American War, to George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. But it also shows that U.S. foreign policy is and always has been inseparable from domestic policies that have stolen land from and massacred Native Americans, crushed workers’ movements, and employed racism and immigrant bashing to divide and conquer working people.