Students and Educators to STOP THE WAR

John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review, will join Roger Marheine, Sonali Kolhatkar, and Barbara Trent in the keynote plenary session at the Students and Educators to STOP THE WAR conference, Los Angeles, 19 November 2005.

The conference is timely indeed. As William Ayers and Mike Ferner remind us, the No Child Left Behind Act, as well as chronic unequal school funding and high youth unemployment, has made schools “a battlefield for hearts and minds.”

Stop the War, LA, 19 November 2005

Other speakers at the conference include Michael Zweig, David Bacon, and Vickie Castro (whose only child, Cpl. Jonathan Castro, age 21, was killed in Mosul, Iraq on December 21, 2004).

Bacon will give a PowerPoint presentation on the state of Iraqi labor.

Workers at the State Leather Industry Factory
Workers at the State Leather Industry Factory, the largest shoe factory in the Middle East. Photo by David Bacon.

A Worker at the Mamoun Vegetable Oil Factory
A worker on an injection molding machine for plastic bottles, in the Mamoun Vegetable Oil Factory. Photo by David Bacon.
The Furnace Tender at the Al Daura Refinery
The furnace tender in front of the furnaces for the boilers of the power plant in the Al Daura refinery. Photo by David Bacon.

The Unemployed Demonstrating
Unemployed men demonstrate outside the office of a contractor who had promised them work. Photo by David Bacon.

At the conference, you’ll also have a chance to see Barbara Trent’s work in progress Soldiers Speak Out, as well as Arlington West (Dirs. Sally Marr and Peter Dudar), Sir! No Sir! (Dir. David Zeiger) , and The Oil Factor (Dirs. Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy).

Camilo Mejia
Soldiers Speak Out

Sir! No Sir!
Sir! No Sir!

The Oil Factor
The Oil Factor

Shanell Thomas
Soldiers Speak Out

Arlington WestArlington West

The Oil Factor
The Oil Factor

There is no registration fee — attend the conference, network with other activists, and consider making a donation to Students and Educators to Stop the War.