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  • Jesus Christ Weds Pat Robertson

    (PU)  In a quiet ceremony attended by a few close friends and family members, nationally known televangelist Pat Robertson of the 700 Club was married today to world-renowned avatar and reputed Prince of Peace, Jesus of Nazareth.  The wedding took place in Stowe, a picturesque Vermont town, and was catered by the Von Trapp family […]

  • Cairo Conference Calls for World Resistance against Imperialism

    (Because most conference participants face repressive conditions in their homelands, individual’s names are omitted from this report. — JR) Part OneA New Pole of Anti-Imperialist Leadership CAIRO, EGYPT — More than 1,500 activists from the Middle East and around the world met in Cairo, March 29-April 1, under the banner “Towards an International Alliance against […]

  • Another “Reform” Fraud from Chidambaram

      Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review.  Its April 2007 issue features the following editorial. — Ed. The “reform” offensive that started in 1991 as New Economic Policy has continued 15 years with different cover stories — as “recovery from BOP crisis” or “shining India” […]

  • Capital and Nature: An Interview with Paul Burkett

    1.  The year 2007 marks the 140th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of Marx’s Capital.  In your perspective, what is the main contribution of that major work to the understanding of contemporary capitalism? Marx’s Capital establishes three essential contradictions of capitalism which grow in intensity as the system develops historically.  These contradictions […]

  • Olivier Besancenot Speaks [Déclaration d’Olivier Besancenot]

    Près d’1,5 million d’électeurs et d’électrices se sont rassemblés autour de ma candidature.  C’est 280 000 de plus par rapport à 2002.  Malgré la pression du « vote utile » qui dans les dernières semaines a servi de seul programme à la campagne de Ségolène Royal, plus de 4,1% d’électeurs ont porté leurs suffrages sur […]

  • Inequality among “Consumers”

    Contrary to both mainstream dogma and received cultural-leftist/neo-Marcusian canon, access to commodities has never been anything like equal in the United States.  In fact, in this epoch of escalating income and wealth polarity, the newest statistics show that inequality among U.S. “consumers” is now at an all-time high. Bradley Johnson of Advertising Age magazine’s “American […]

  • Trade Unions Respond to U.S. Attack on Japanese Workers

    As productive industry in the United States is systematically dismantled and sent to low-wage production zones all over the world, the number of products and services actually exported by our country continues to dwindle.  Our mind-boggling and staggering trade deficit for 2006 was $763 billion dollars, the fifth consecutive year of record-breaking deficits.  Be clear […]

  • Labour for Palestine: Can We Build the BDS Campaign?

    Just less than a year ago in May 2006, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario unanimously passed in convention its path-breaking Resolution 50 in support for the global campaign against Israeli apartheid.  The resolution called on the union to educate its members on the apartheid nature of the Israeli state.  It also mandated […]

  • Timor Poll Won’t End the Crisis

      The first round of East Timor’s presidential election, held on 9 April 2007, was inconclusive, yet it brought some issues into sharp focus. Voters punished the ruling party Fretilin for presiding over a collapse in social order; but they showed little enthusiasm for the free-market polices of rival candidate Jose Ramos Horta.  A sizeable […]

  • The Price of Fire

    THE PRICE OF FIRE: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia by Benjamin DanglBUY THIS BOOK For Bolivia’s indigenous majority, the year 1781 is engrained in popular memory as one of open rebellion against Spanish colonialism.  Led by Tupak Katari, the indigenous Aymaras of the highlands lay siege to the city of La Paz for […]

  • Four Virginia Techs Every Day

    The reign of the automobile in the United States is imperiling the entire planet.  Meanwhile, in 2005, a wholly typical year, automotive collisions took the lives of 43,443 residents of the United States.  That is 119 people killed per day, almost four times the 32 people murdered this Monday at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State […]

  • Stop Postal Rate Hikes

    Dear friend, relative, or acquaintance of Bob McChesney, The news media are covering the tragic murders in Virginia this morning, and as they do an extraordinarily significant story is slipping through the cracks. On very rare occasions, I send a message to everyone in my email address book on an issue that I find of […]

  • Hands off Azmi! The Dangerous Politics of “A State for All Its Citizens”

      Murmurings of a political tsunami are emerging with regards to Israel’s policies towards the “non-Jewish” citizens of the “Jewish democratic state.”  Azmi Bishara, perhaps the most prominent political leader of the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, was in the midst of engaging in his routine activities of propagating the rights of the Palestinian Arab […]

  • Imperial Sunset?

    For the first time since its rise as a superpower the United States is facing a serious threat to its hegemony across the globe. In February this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a security conference in Munich that had 250 of the world’s top leaders and officials in attendance, including such luminaries as the […]

  • Old Distributions, New Economy

    The macro march backward of domestic income and wealth distribution has become remarkable.  At least we thought so enough to pen the following remarks.  In 2006 the corporate profits share of the national economy retouched its 1929 high.  Wage and salary income broke its 8 decade low watermark.  Our new economy increasingly replicates the distributional […]

  • Favorite Color: Red

    KARL MARX: A Life by Francis WheenBUY THIS BOOK It is fitting that a man who framed a dialectic based on violent contradiction — on thrust and counter-thrust, struggle and counter-struggle — should have lived a life fraught with contradictions.  In Francis Wheen’s biography, Karl Marx is neither hero nor nemesis, but a man of […]

  • For Revolutionary Dignity: President Chávez Announces World Bank Debt Has Been Paid Off [Por la dignidad revolucionaria Presidente Chávez anunció pago de deuda con el Banco Mundial]

    “Con este último pago (al Banco Mundial), esa deuda que era en 1998 de casi 3 mil millones de dólares, les puedo decir hoy que no tenemos ni un centavo de deuda ni con el Fondo Monetario Internacional, ni con el Banco Mundial”, exclamó. Declaraciones del Presidente Chávez (MP3 3m) Haga click para escuchar el […]

  • A Historic Turn: What Is at Stake beyond the Wolfowitz Scandal?

      The Boards of the World Band and the International Monetary Fund that are meeting in Washington D.C. on 14-15 April are in dire straits.  The President of CADTM-Belgium, Eric Toussaint, explains. The Spring meetings of the WB and the IMF are taking place this weekend.  What is at stake? These two institutions are going […]

  • “We Talk about the Truth, and That’s Hard for People to Accept Sometimes”:A Conversation with Three Iraq Veterans against the War

    When I was in high school, I lived on a military base and socialized and worked with GIs opposed to the war in Vietnam.  These guys weren’t very different from me — we liked rock and soul music and we liked to get high — yet most of them had experienced war.  That was something […]

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (and Why They Don’t Want Anyone to See It)

    “Out of sight, out of mind” is a basic rule of political propaganda.  If a political event is not reported to the public, the public cannot react to it.  If that same event is misreported, public reaction can be manipulated. U.S. reports on the attempted coup to overthrow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002 were […]