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  • Honduran Resistance to EU: Declare Current Electoral Process Illegitimate

      Erasto Reyes, trade unionist and representative of the Honduras Resistance Front returned this Wednesday to the European Parliament as part of his European solidarity visit.  Reyes requested concrete support from the Parliament. In a press conference he declared that: “Parliament must denounce and vigorously condemn the coup which took place in Honduras.  We ask […]

  • SEIU Civil War Puts “Partnership” in New Light

    Tom Kochan, Robert McKersie, Adrienne Eaton, and Paul Adler.  Healing Together: The Labor-Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente.  Ithaca, NY: Cornell ILR Press, 2009. During his uncontested campaign for AFL-CIO president this year, Rich Trumka offered the olive branch to corporate America — despite the latter’s demonstrated lack of enthusiasm for reinstating organized labor as its […]

  • An Open Letter to Mahmud ‘Abbas on the Goldstone Report

    We are a diverse group of Palestinians, solidarity activists, and supporters of human rights and international law.  We write to join the Palestinian political parties, civil society groups, trade unions, and citizens that have condemned the recent decision at the UN Human Rights Council to withdraw Palestinian support for a resolution endorsing the report of […]

  • The Bill

      “The people living in the 100 developing countries most affected by climate change are responsible for only 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” This film is one of the three winners of the Germanwatch screenplay competition about climate justice. | | Print

  • Germany: Turn Left or Right?

    October 7th marked the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the German Democratic Republic, and the media let no one forget it!  Sarcasm prevailed, the attacks were all-embracing and almost interrupted, the only GDR relics spared in the attacks were the TV Sandman broadcasts for children, the jolly green and red figures on traffic lights […]

  • Measuring Progress

    For some time now it has been clear that standard measurements of growth and development are inadequate and possibly even misleading.  The problem of looking at only the aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) has been widely noted: its blindness to distributional issues and its inability to measure either the quality of life or the sustainability […]

  • Sudan’s Neglected 2010 Centenaries

    During 2010, two important centenaries in the history of Sudanese nationalism occur — dates when armies from Darfur resisted colonial occupation.  But, these anniversaries have never been commemorated before, and the historical significance of the dates may pass without mention. The dates in question are two battles in which Darfurian armies fought against colonial invaders. […]

  • Tortured Law

      Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced an investigation of low-level CIA operatives who exceeded the grisly authority provided by the “torture memos.” But the superiors who ordered these actions and the lawyers who provided the legal cover have not been held accountable.  Will there be a full investigation that follows the evidence up the […]

  • In and Out of the Working Class

      Play now: Doug Henwood: What I think I like about your work is that you don’t romanticize the working class.  Your story of the town you grew up in, the community that is very stratified by ethnicity, race, and religion — this is not an innocent, dynamic working class that we would like to […]

  • On Islamic Reform and Liberation Theology: Interview with Chandra Muzaffar

    Chandra Muzaffar is Malaysia’s best-known public intellectual.  He has written widely on questions related to Islam, inter-faith relations and liberation theology, issues that he discusses in this interview with Yoginder Sikand. Q: Much of your writing focuses on a critique of capitalism and consumerism, or what you very aptly term as ‘moneytheism’, which you contrast […]

  • Central Banking in an Uncertain Age

    There is no doubt that the financial sector in India was generally much less affected by the global financial crisis of the past year than in many other developed and developing countries.  This is not to say that Indian finance was unaffected: there were wild swings in external capital flows (particularly portfolio flows) as well […]

  • Capitalism: A Love Story: A Political Film Review

    Michael Moore‘s latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story, is so far ahead of the historical/political curve that even people who consider themselves progressives will have to run at full speed to keep up with this renegade filmmaker. Moore has always been ahead of the curve. Twenty years ago with Roger & Me he demonstrated a […]

  • Defenders of “True American Values”: The Communist Party in North Carolina

    Gregory S. Taylor.  The History of the North Carolina Communist Party.   Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2009.  258 pp. $39.95 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-57003-802-0. The History of the North Carolina Party by Gregory S. Taylor offers a window into the efforts of the North Carolina Communist Party (NCCP) and further dispels stereotypes that early […]

  • This Is Asia

      “This is really a simple picture, and yet it explains so much of what Asia is today.  It looks at developing Asia as a whole region, from China and India to places in-between, and breaks the overall GDP down into two main shares: the black line is the export share and the red line […]

  • Betrayal in Geneva

      The news coming out of Geneva these days is indeed very shocking and depressing.  The Abbas government, whose term in office expired long ago, has succumbed to pressure being exerted by Hillary Clinton and Avigdor Lieberman to defer any and all discussion of the Goldstone report on the war crimes in Gaza until next […]

  • Adiós Mercedes Sosa, the Voice of the Voiceless under Dictatorship

    Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa, one of the most celebrated voices of Latin America, died on Sunday, 4 October 2009, at the age of 74 after a long illness, according to the announcement by the hospital where she had been under intensive care since 18 September 2009. Nicknamed “La Negra,” she won the hearts and minds […]

  • Iran under Western Eyes

    Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.

  • Obama Spurns Real Health Reformers . . . Again

      In a brash move, the White House is again demonstrating the exclusion of those who advocate for real health reform.  At the end of August, in response to the heated Town Halls and the opposition to health reform, Physicians for a National Health Program and the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care sent letters […]

  • Why We Need to Reshape Economic Development

    It does not really need a crisis to show us that our current development strategy is flawed.  Even during the previous boom, the pattern of growth in developing Asia had too many limitations, paradoxes and inherent fragilities.  Much was wrong with the global economic boom that preceded the crisis.  Everyone now knows that it was […]

  • Unstable Equilibrium

      I don’t want to serve. . . .  I think that in fighting in the cinema, through our movies, for a freer, more authentic expression, with weapons that can include joie de vivre and comedy, we are waging the same war as those who fight on the barricades. — Dušan Makavejev (1971) Infamous Yugoslavian […]