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  • Beyond Sun and Dung

    Rajendra Pachauri heads TERI, The Energy and Resources Institute, based in New Delhi.  An engineer of the railways in his early career, Pachauri went to the United States to earn a PhD in industrial engineering and another in economics, after which he returned to India in 1981 to work with TERI.  In 1995, he joined […]

  • A Message on Hezbollah and Homosexuality

      In its last Tuesday issue [22 September 2009], Al-Akhbar carried a short news story about “Helem,” an organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of homosexuals in Lebanon, which soon became an organization to combat all forms of discrimination. The news story covered Helem’s protest against the “International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association” conference […]

  • Speech Delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, H.E. Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla

      I wish to congratulate you on your election and reiterate to you our confidence on your capacity to unerringly conduct our works and deliberations. Likewise I would like to recognize the excellent work developed by Father Miguel D’Escoto, President of the recently concluded session.  The ethical dimension and the political scope of his presidency, […]

  • Has President Obama Heard about Mohammad Othman?

    I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked whether there is an Arab counterpart to Jewish Voice for Peace.  The implicit false assumptions behind the question are clear: Palestinians are violent; Jews seek peace but there is no one peaceful on the other side of the equation. Tell President Obama: Keep Your […]

  • Geneva: Victory for Everyone?

    The Geneva meeting — despite the furious anti-Iranian spin by the Western media and the House vote for gasoline sanctions against Iran right before the talk — turned out to be, for once, a happy surprise: it resulted in an agreement that all sides can hail as a victory for them. Iran claims that it […]

  • Iran, Israel, and the Muzzled U.S. Press

    “Iran must comply with United Nations resolutions,” declared President Obama. Iran is “as defiant as ever” say a chorus of corporate employees otherwise known as mainstream journalists.  Really!  Is Iran defiant for testing missiles for its military?  What military in the world fails to test missiles?  Is Iran defiant for reporting the construction of a […]

  • October 24 Mobilizing Conference to Save Public Education

      We have the power to stop the catastrophic budget cuts, fee hikes, and layoffs — but to save public education in California requires coordinating our actions on a statewide level. We invite all UC, CSU, CC, and K-12 students, workers, teachers, and their organizations across the state to participate in and collectively build the […]

  • Job Loss Accelerates, Driven by Local and State Public-Sector Cutbacks

    The loss of 263,000 payroll jobs, coupled with a 0.1 hour decline in the average workweek, pushed the index of aggregate hours to 98.5, slightly below the 98.6 level in December of 1998.  Hours worked have now declined by 8.6 percent from the pre-recession peak.  In the 1981-82 recession the decline from peak to trough […]

  • Occupational Ghettos: The Worldwide Segregation of Women and Men

    Maria Charles and David B. Grusky.  Occupational Ghettos: The Worldwide Segregation of Women and Men.  Stanford University Press, 2004, 400 pp.  $US 55.00 hardcover (0-8047-3634-0). There is a substantial body of literature showing that, across time periods and nations, men and women have tended to do different types of work.  While many studies suggest that […]

  • Palestinian Citizens of Israel Hold General Strike

    Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel today held a one-day general strike to mark the ninth anniversary of the Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Day of 2000, when the Israeli police killed 13 Palestinian Arab protesters. Tens of Thousands Commemorate the Martyrs in Araba Tamra on the Morning of the General Strike Haifa on the Eve of […]

  • India’s Battle against Its Maoists

      Nick Clark: India says it’s adamant to finish off what it calls “leftist extremism” as its army prepares for an all-out assault on Maoist rebels. . . .   The conflict between the two sides has been going on for more than four decades, and now the government hopes an all-out assault would end […]

  • Statement of Solidarity with the Palestinian General Strike

    In the long tradition of Jewish working class involvement in and support for liberation struggles, IJAN-Labor stands in solidarity with the High Follow-up Committee for the Arab Citizens of Israel, the National Committee of Local Authorities, and all parties, movements and institutions of Palestinian civil society in Israel, who have called a general strike for […]