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The picture above, taken by Andy Holzman (Southern California News Service) at a farm in Camarillo

Promote the health of all the people of the world

Earlier this month, in Savar (Bangladesh), over 1400 delegates came to the fourth People’s Health Assembly–first held in 2000 by popular health organisations to drive a global dynamic to champion public health measures. At the centre of the discussions were increased health inequalities–between the rich and the poor certainly, but also sharply between affluent states […]

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The painting above is by Teresinha Soares, from her series known as Vietnam (1968). It might just as well have been called Brazil (2019).

With Samir Amin by our side

Brazil’s election result is appalling. Jair Bolsonaro, who will take office early next year, will be the most extremist head of government on the planet. If he cuts down the Amazon Rain Forest–as he promises–it will be catastrophic for life.

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The monstrous anger of the guns

‘We are losing the fight against famine’, said the UN’s Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock to the UN Security Council on 21 September. He was talking about Yemen, which has been bombarded by the monstrous anger of the Saudi-Emirati guns from March 2015.

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The United Nations General Assembly opened its 73rd session this year with a massive downpour in New York City.

Solidarity is more than a slogan

The United Nations General Assembly opened its 73rd session this year with a massive downpour in New York City. Flood-waters licked at the edge of the city, as world leaders gathered inside the 18 acres of land on the Turtle Bay area of Manhattan island. U.S. President Donald Trump–as usual–stole all the headlines.

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Samir Amin- From Dakar with Love | Business Vision

Death of a Marxist

Amin’s thesis—in economics—was written while he was active in the French Communist Party. In the thesis, he thought hard about the problems of his native land and other countries despoiled by the colonial menace. For Amin, as with other dependency theorists, the Third World suffered from theft, plunder as well as deindustrialisation, and then unequal […]

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In this July 8, 2018 file photo, a supporter of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva waves a banner decorated with an image depicting da Silva and message that reads in Portuguese: "Free Lula," in front of the Federal Police Department where he is serving jail time, in Curitiba, Brazil. | Photo Credit: AP

The narrative is still Lula

He has been condemned to this cell in Curitiba by a judicial process that has his supporters outraged and his detractors gleeful. A week ago, judges went back and forth over whether he could be released while he appealed a verdict on a corruption case known as Operation Car Wash.

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