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  • “Israeli Nation” vs. “Jewish State”

    A group of Jews and Arabs are fighting in the Israeli courts to be recognized as “Israelis,” a nationality currently denied them, in a case that officials fear may threaten the country’s self-declared status as a Jewish state. Israel refused to recognize an Israeli nationality at the country’s establishment in 1948, making an unusual distinction […]

  • Cuba Does Not Bow to Pressures

      Address by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the State Council and the Council of Ministers and Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, at the Closing Session of the 9th Congress of the Young Communist League, Havana, 4 April 2010, Year 52 of the Revolution Comrades, delegates, and guests: […]

  • Greater Equity through Redistribution: What Can the Targeting of Subsidies Do in Iran?

    The Fifth Five-Year Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1389-93, 2010-14), still under review by the parliament, has a clear goal for reducing inequality in five years — a Gini index of 0.35 for income.  This is a substantial reduction from the high level of inequality that has plagued Iran in recent years.  The […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Forbes: What the Turkish President Didn’t Say about Iran

    Author’s note: This is a response to Claudia Rosett’s “Turkey Tilts toward Iran,” published on 26 March 2010 by Forbes columnist Claudia Rosett — who just so happens to be “a journalist-in-residence” with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a neo-conservative think tank — feigns her regret for having to report a “disturbing talk” […]

  • Israeli Peace Plan

    Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist. | | Print

  • The Ecological Revolution!

      John Bellamy Foster.  The Ecological Revolution: Making Peace with the Planet.  New York: Monthly Review Press, 2009.  288pp.  $17.95 (pb).  ISBN 9781583671795. This book is a major achievement.  It combines enormous breadth of scholarship with consummate theoretical integration to produce a powerful political argument.  It should be required reading for anyone who cares about […]

  • This Palestinian Life

    “I don’t own a gun.  I don’t own any weapons and I’m not prepared to own any. . . .  My only weapon of defense is that I won’t leave this place.” — Abu Sagr, Al-Hadideya, Jordan Valley Trailer Philip Rizk is an Egyptian-German freelance journalist living in Cairo, Egypt, where he is currently completing […]

  • How Many Vets Have Been “Wounded” in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    During the House debate over the Kucinich resolution calling for a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan, Rep. Bob Filner, chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, pointed out that hundreds of thousands of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have gone to the VA for service-related injuries. The video of Filner’s statement […]

  • A Difficult Love Affair? On the Relation between Marxism and Theology

    Abstract: From the moment Marx and Engels became involved with the League of the Just, Marxism has always had a long and often difficult relation with theology and the Bible.  Some of the leading figures of the twentieth century were no exception — Althusser, Adorno, Gramsci, Lefebvre, Eagleton are just a few.  And in our […]

  • The Marxism of Samir Amin

      An interview with Egyptian economist Samir Amin: his latest book reiterates his search for alternatives to surpass capitalism, which he describes as “a historical parenthesis”; meanwhile, processes of migration are building a planet of slums. “Memoirs of an Independent Marxist”: that is the subtitle of A Life Looking Forward (Zed Books, 2006), the latest […]

  • Free Gaza Flotilla to Break the Blockade!

    April 3, 2010 Istanbul, Turkey — Following months of preparation, a coalition bringing together a number of organizations and movements working to break Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza was announced yesterday in Istanbul.  The coalition, composed of the Turkey-based IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi) organization, the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG), the […]

  • Solidarity with MUCA: We Condemn the Regime and Oligarchs’ Repression

      The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), in the face of continuous murders, persecution, and torture, as well as the political repression in general by the regime that is the heir to the coup, says: 1.  We condemn the crimes perpetrated against the members of the Resistance who are answering […]

  • Kellogg’s Six-Hour Day

      Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt.  Kellogg’s Six-Hour Day.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1996.  x + 261 pp.  $33.95 (paper), ISBN 978-1-56639-448-2; $69.95 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-56639-447-5. Between the Civil War and World War II the length of the American work week decreased dramatically.  Since the end of World War II, the rate of decline has become positively […]

  • Occupied Washington DC

    A photo essay on the military presence in our nation’s capital. . . . Stephanie Westbrook is a US citizen who has been living in Rome, Italy since 1991.  She is active in the peace and social justice movements in Italy and traveled to Gaza in June 2009.  She can be reached at . | […]

  • Turkey: Police Pepper-gas Tekel Workers

    See, also, “Police Violence Marks Tekel Workers’ Protest in Turkey” (Hürriyet Daily News, 1 April 2010); “26 Mayıs’ta AKP’ye genel grevi gösterelim” (, 1 April 2010); “Planned Tekel Protest Barred by Police” (Today’s Zaman, 2 April 2010); “More Pepper Gas for Turkey’s Tekel Workers on Second day” (Hürriyet Daily News, 2 April 2010); Tolga Korkut, […]

  • Activist Leaders Targeted in East Jerusalem

    Lia Tarachansky: Every Friday, for a year, protesters have been demonstrating in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.  They are demanding the end of settler takeovers of Palestinian homes.  In recent years, settlers won court cases that led to the evictions of Palestinian families from this neighborhood.  Settlers see the land as theirs based […]

  • Teach-in on Political Prisoners

    Tuesday, April 6 at 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Riverside Church, Room 9T 490 Riverside Drive (between 120th Street and 122nd Street) entrance at Claremont Ave. & 121st Street The James Earl Chaney Foundation, the Social Justice Ministry of the Riverside Church, and the National Coalition for Prisoners of Political Conscience, invite you to […]

  • Over a Hundred Momentive Workers, Labor Leaders, and Activists Attend a Discussion of Tactics and Strategy with Author and Labor Activist Steve Early

    Momentive Performance Materials stewards and workers represented by IUE/CWA Local 81359 were joined by labor leaders and activists from around the Capital District of Upstate New York in a wide-ranging discussion of labor strategy and tactics on Wednesday, March 31 in Waterford, New York. Momentive workers, formerly employees of General Electric, suffered 25 to 50 […]

  • State and Local Governments Have Shed 72,000 Jobs since December

    The establishment survey (CES) showed the economy adding 162,000 jobs in March, the biggest increase since March of 2007.  The household survey (CPS) showed the unemployment rate remaining steady at 9.7 percent with the employment to population ratio edging up to 58.6 percent, an increase of 0.4 percentage points from its low last November.  There […]

  • On the Nature and Implications of the Expanding Presence of India and China for Developing Asia

    Prabhat Patnaik: I think there is an important difference, it seems to me, between the situation in the case of the advanced capitalist countries, or even the case of Japan, on the one hand, and in the case of countries like India and possibly even China at the moment.  In the case of the advanced […]