Huge Anti-Government March in Bahrain

Tens of thousands of people from across Bahrain are estimated to have taken part in an anti-government demonstration on Budaiya Highway, located to the west of the capital, Manama.  The march, organized by the Bahraini opposition bloc, was peaceful, with crowds chanting loudly many slogans like “Down, Down, Government,” “No to Dictatorship, Yes to Democracy,” “No Surrender,” “We Need Elected Government.”  Protesters also chanted slogans calling for the release of Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, who has been on hunger strike inside Bahraini prison for over 73 days now, along with other prisoners who were arbitrarily arrested. . . .  Other protests took place concurrently with this demo in different parts of the country.  The calendar the protesters have set for the coming two days is full of activities despite the regime-led brutality and threats to use birdshots and live ammunition against protesters.

Bahrain, 20 April 2012

Video by Al Wefaq.

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