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Brazil Supreme Court Asks to Suspend Bolsonaro for 180 Days

Brazil Supreme Court asks to suspend Bolsonaro for 180 days

Marco Aurélio Mello, a Minister of Brazil’s Supreme Court, sent the Attorney General’s Office a request to suspend President Jair Bolsonaro from his post for 180 days for committing various actions that have put the country at risk in the face of the covid-19 health emergency, according to a Telesur report.

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Eria Sane Nsubuga, Abeekalakasa temwesembereza mmundu (Avoid Guns when in Public Places), 2014.

Hybrid wars are destroying Democracies

In Brazil recently, I gave an interview to Brasil de Fato, which was born in 2003 as the weekly magazine of the World Social Forum. It is now one of the most important windows into Brazil’s political world. The newsletter this week carries the text of most of the interview.

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