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Geography Archives: Brazil


The defeat of democracy in Brazil

Many wonder how it is possible, following the democratic governments of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Lula, and Dilma Rousseff, that Brazilians have elected as President a shady federal deputy and die-hard defender of the military dictatorship that ruledthe country 1964-1985.

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Students in São Paulo debating resistance to Bolsonaro after the election. [Pic- Margarida Salomão on Twitter.]

The lesson of Brazil

The catastrophe–expected and foreseeable–has happened. This immense country, with its 200 million inhabitants, is now in darkness. At best, it will take a decade or two to emerge.

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The painting above is by Teresinha Soares, from her series known as Vietnam (1968). It might just as well have been called Brazil (2019).

With Samir Amin by our side

Brazil’s election result is appalling. Jair Bolsonaro, who will take office early next year, will be the most extremist head of government on the planet. If he cuts down the Amazon Rain Forest–as he promises–it will be catastrophic for life.

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