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    10 new albums the U.S. Supreme Court judges won’t listen to

    Do you think there’s no good protest music these days? So did I, until I started looking for it. The truth is, it’s always been out there – it’s sometimes just a bit difficult to find. Every month, I search it out, listen to it all, then round up the best of it that relates to that month’s political news. Here’s the round-up for July 2022.

  • | The Supreme Court has effectively appointed itself decisionmaker on climate policy | MR Online

    Supreme Court condemns planet and human life

    In a 6‒3 decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled on June 30 against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, a move that signals a major setback in the fight against climate change.

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    How the rich are burning our future

    Annual global carbon emissions grew by 60% between 1990 and 2015, approximately doubling total global cumulative emissions in 25 years and catapulting the world towards catastrophic climate change.