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  • Chile’s Student Uprising

    Trailer Chile’s Student Uprising tells the story of the student protests taking place in Chile today demanding a free and state-funded education system and radical change in society.  The film puts the protests in their historical context of widespread dissatisfaction with the economic model put in place under the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) that still remains […]

  • Camila Vallejo, Proud of Being Communist

      The Chilean student leader doesn’t mince her words. “The ideas of communists today have real significance for they make sense in the context of people’s awakening,” said Camila Vallejo, a militant of the Communist Youths and one of the main leaders of the student movement which has been demanding structural reforms of education for […]

  • Between Emigration and Crime

    Latin Americans are not born-criminals nor did they invent drugs. The Aztecs, Maya and other pre-Columbian human groups in Mexico and Central America, for example, were excellent farmers and didn’t even know about growing coca. The Quechua and Aymara were capable of producing nutritious foods on perfect terraces that followed the mountain level curves. On […]

  • The Real Intentions of the “Alliance of Equals”

    Yesterday was a long day. From midday I paid attention to Obama’s vicissitudes in Chile, as I had done the day before with his adventures in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In a brilliant challenge, that city defeated Chicago in its aspiration to host the 2016 Olympics, when the new President of the United […]

  • Chile Joins Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia in Recognizing Palestinian State

    Chilean government spokeswoman Ena Von Baer declared on Tuesday that her country “supports the establishment of a Palestinian state.”  With this declaration Chile joins Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia, which in past weeks have recognized Palestine as a free and independent state. Von Baer explained that Chile’s support is offered in the context of the […]

  • Media Mine the Miners in Chile

    The Mine The Miners Eneko Las Heras, born in Caracas in 1963, is a cartoonist based in Spain.  This cartoon was first published on his blog . . . Y sin embargo se mueve on 15 October 2010.  Cf. “In fact, the 33 miners over whom the media have swarmed paradoxically remain voiceless.  Neither they […]

  • Those Trapped Chilean Miners Are So Goddamn Lucky!

    Over the course of the past week, several stories have appeared in the U.S. media that seemed to celebrate, without an iota of sarcasm or self-criticism, the bright and happy futures of 33 coal miners who have been trapped underground in the San Jose mine, in utterly unbearable conditions, for six weeks — and who […]

  • What Chris Marker Did for The Battle of Chile

      Patricio Guzmán is a Chilean filmmaker.  The above is a clip from Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (Dir. Pepita Ferrari, 2009).  The Battle of Chile is available from Icarus Films: <>.  For more information about Chris Marker, visit <>. | Print  

  • What Happened in Chile?

      Sebastián Piñera obtained half a million more votes than in the first round, despite the fact that the total number of voters in the second round declined by 34,161 compared to that in December.  Eduardo Frei added 1.3 million votes to his December results (2,043,514), but he still lost by 222,742 votes. The null […]

  • The true story and the challenge of the Cuban journalists

    Seven days ago I wrote about one of the great men in history: Salvador Allende, a man the world remembered with deep emotion and respect on his first centennial. However, no one quivered or even recalled the date of October 24, 1891, when the Dominican despot Rafael Leonidas Trujillo was born, eighteen years before our admired Chilean brother.

  • Last Words [Ultimas palabras]

    Seguramente, ésta será la última oportunidad en que pueda dirigirme a ustedes.  La Fuerza Aérea ha bombardeado las antenas de Radio Magallanes.  Mis palabras no tienen amargura sino decepción.  Que sean ellas un castigo moral para quienes han traicionado su juramento: soldados de Chile, comandantes en jefe titulares, el almirante Merino, que se ha autodesignado […]

  • Despite Settlement with BHP Billiton, Miners Will Continue Campaigning for Chilean Copper [Pese a arreglo con BHP Billiton, seguirán campaña pro cobre chileno]

      Mineros de Escondida harán plebiscito para medir apoyo a renacionalización Los patos negros de la mina de cobre La Escondida, quienes recién acaban de superar una difícil huelga de 25 días, planean efectuar en Antofagasta un plebiscito ciudadano que mida el apoyo para iniciar el debate sobre la conveniencia de una renacionalización del cobre.  […]