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    Abolish long-term care

    The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on the horrific conditions in long-term care facilities. The institutions are a perfect storm for outbreaks: poor ventilation, understaffing, insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), a lack of regulation, and years of underfunding.

  • | Dina PolekhinaUnsplash | MR Online

    Prisoners use drugs. Stop trying to stop them

    In 1985, Canada began drug testing the urine of federal prisoners. Prison officials had tried to stop people from smuggling drugs into prisons by banning Christmas presents and even deploying teams of gerbils to sniff out anxious visitors.

  • | Michael DeForge | MR Online

    The city vs. Big Tech

    The battle against Big Tech has now decisively emerged as a new front in the fight for the right to the city