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    Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals

    While we busy ourselves with creating a more green and climate friendly lifestyle, an astonishing 100 companies are responsible for producing 71 percent of carbon emissions. The freedom of these corporations to pollute – and the fixation on a feeble lifestyle response – is no accident. It is the result of an ideological war, waged over the last forty years, against the possibility of collective action.

  • | A villager lifts up fallen corn plants after a flood at a farm in Jianhe county Guizhou province China in July 2017 Photograph Reuters | MR Online

    Maize, rice, wheat: alarm at rising climate risk to vital crops

    No one likes to think about how extreme weather events could devastate food production which could cause global panic and disaster. However, scientists, led by Chris Kent, of the Met Office, focused their initial efforts on how extreme weather would affect maize, one of the world’s most widely grown crops. Along with maize other staple crops could be affected including those of rice, wheat and soya beans.

  • | Face to face Phil Collins and the lichen encrusted statue | MR Online

    Phil Collins: why I took a Soviet statue of Engels across Europe to Manchester

    Friedrich Engels spent two decades in Manchester. The horrific conditions he saw in the cradle of industrialism forged his great works. But the city has never commemorated him – until now.

  • | President Donald Trump signing the new Cuba policy | MR Online

    US Cuba policy has been hijacked by Cuban-Americans

    US policy toward Cuba (Trump reverses Obama’s Cuba deal, limiting travel and trade, 17 June) has been hijacked by a clique of Cuban-American politicians, who have sold their support in Congress to President Donald Trump. Above all, these individuals – and Trump – have demonstrated the corrupt and clientelist nature of the US political system. Can such a system serve as a symbol of “freedom” to anyone in the world?

  • | Over 170 years after Engels Britain is still a country that murders its poor | MR Online

    Over 170 years after Engels, Britain is still a country that murders its poor

    Spending cuts, deregulation, outsourcing: between them they have turned a state supposedly there to protect and support citizens into a machine to make money for the rich while punishing the poor. It’s never described like that, of course. Class warfare is passed off as book-keeping. Accountability is tossed aside for “commercial confidentiality”, while profiteering is dressed up as economic dynamism. One courtesy we should pay the victims of Grenfell is to drop the glossy-brochure euphemisms. Let’s get clear what happened to them: an act of social murder, straight out of Victorian times.

  • | What we see this week is a shallow farce beginning with a plan to move air traffic control to a private non profit corporation run by the airlines | MR Online

    The thing about Trump’s infrastructure plan is: it doesn’t really exist

    The Republican leaders of Congress killed off Trump’s much touted infrastructure plan months before he even reached the Oval Office. What we are left with is a farce.