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Revolutionary Struggle

The revolutionary struggle against slavery

French historian Pierre de Vaissière’s description of a slave ship working the Atlantic trade in Saint-Domingue: Creole society and life under the Ancièn Regime, 1629-1789 cannot be forgotten: the hold below is hellish, naked bodies are chained, thrown back and forth by the middle passage seas, excrement is smeared about, and death feels a mere […]

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Eco-socialism and/or De-growth

Ecosocialism and the de-growth movement are among the most important currents of the ecological left. Ecosocialists agree that a significant measure of de-growth in production and consumption is necessary in order to avoid ecological collapse.

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The Increasingly Impossible Middle Class

The increasingly impossible middle class

IN 2010 THE Commerce Department prepared data for the Obama administration’s Middle Class Task Force, headed by Vice President Joe Biden. Sidestepping knotty problems–see below–of just who was middle class, part of their study proposed a host of expectations that a middle class family would hold.

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Images of more than 100 doctors who have died during the pandemic are displayed outside the Medical College of Peru PHOTO: AFP

Peru’s COVID-19 crisis

Strikes and demonstrations are on the rise across Peru, as the government’s COVID-19 response has resulted in the country bearing the highest per capita infection rate and death toll in the world.

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