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  • News on cholera in Haiti

    There is much to talk about when the United States is involved in a colossal scandal as a consequence of the documents published by Wikileaks, whose authenticity – independent of any other motivation on the part of that website – has not been questioned by anyone. However, at this moment, our country is immersed in […]

  • WikiLeaks Honduras: State Dept. Busted on Support of Coup

    By July 24, 2009, the U.S. government was totally clear about the basic facts of what took place in Honduras on June 28, 2009.  The U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa sent a cable to Washington with subject: “Open and Shut: The Case of the Honduran Coup,” asserting that “there is no doubt” that the events of […]

  • Ideology Über Alles

    An interesting study on Americans’ attitudes regarding inequality and wealth distribution has been making the rounds recently.  It highlights once again the ideology problem that plagues any attempt to reconstruct left/social democratic/socialist/whatever politics in the U.S. The researchers asked survey respondents to choose between three unlabeled pie charts representing the social structures of three different […]

  • WikiLeaks and Iran, Take 1: Obama’s Legacy Will Be Change You Can’t Count On

    November 29, 2010 We will be writing about the WikiLeaks documents and Iran throughout this week.  As we sort through the cables that are available so far, the first major point is that, as even the New York Times‘ quasi-neoconservative David Sanger and his colleagues noted in their first story on the documents, the Obama […]

  • Postcards?  No Thanks!

    In the past year or two it seems as if I have been signing or getting signed more postcards, letters, and petitions to Congress than at any time in my personal history. Most likely this was the result of the 2008 election, which put the Democrats completely in power, holding the Presidency, House, and Senate. […]

  • New Home Prices Plunge in October

    The Census Bureau reported last week that the median price for a new home fell from $226,300 in September to $194,900 in October, a one-month decline of 13.9 percent.  While new home sales prices are always erratic and the October data were pushed downward in part by a relative increase in sales in the low-cost […]

  • Watch Out for Your Mind

    The ruling National Party of Egypt says: “Watch Out for Your Mind.” The dialog box asks: “Do you really want to delete the content of the soul?” (The cursor points to “yes.”) Abdallah Ahmed is an artist based in Cairo, Egypt.  He blogs at .  This cartoon was published in his blog on 26 November […]

  • Open and Shut: The Case of the Honduran Coup


  • Nehru on Kashmir

    New Delhi, India, Nov. 27 — My reaction to today’s court order directing the Delhi Police to file an FIR against me for waging war against the state: Perhaps they should posthumously file a charge against Jawaharlal Nehru too.  Here’s what he said about Kashmir: Indian Pledges 1. In his telegram to the Prime Minister […]

  • Israeli Intentions regarding the Iranian Nuclear Program

      Reference ID Date Classification Origin 05TELAVIV1593 2005-03-17 14:02 SECRET Embassy Tel Aviv This record is a partial extract of the original cable.  The full text of the original cable is not available. S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 TEL AVIV 001593 SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/14/2015 TAGS: PARM PREL MNUC […]

  • Decoding Class Politics in Iran

      Reference ID Date Classification Origin 09RPODUBAI177 2009-04-22 11:11 SECRET//NOFORN Iran RPO Dubai Game of Attrition.  Ahmadinejad’s defeats on the budget and his plan to distribute cash payments to lower-income Iranians show that power centers, such as the Majles, are actively working to pressure the President prior to the June election, according to [Source removed].  […]

  • New York Times Oversells WikiLeaks/Iranian Missiles Story

    WikiLeaks document dumps are largely what media want to make of them.  There’s one conventional response, which goes something like this: “There’s nothing new here, but WikiLeaks is dangerous!”  But there’s another option: “There’s nothing here, except for the part that confirms a storyline we’ve been pushing.”  In those cases, WikiLeaks is deemed very, very […]

  • The Crisis and Obama’s Decline

    The economic crisis that Obama rode to victory in 2008 also rode him down in the 2010 elections.  Obama and his economic advisors badly “mismanaged the crisis.”  While the Obama team seems to have learned little from its failure, we need to draw its lessons if we are to reduce the costly social consequences of […]

  • Military Fitness American Style

    Pedro Méndez Suárez is a Cuban cartoonist.  This cartoon was published in Rebelión on 28 November 2010. | Print

  • To Sanction, or Not to Sanction — That Is the Question

    A hallmark of the Obama administration’s Iran policy has been a dual track approach to its contentious nuclear program: diplomacy, and pressure on the regime.  An improvement, to be sure, over President Obama’s predecessor’s policy — essentially all pressure and no diplomacy — but pressure, the Iranians have stated time and time again, will not […]

  • Egyptian Elections

    No voting for the Muslim Brotherhood under the Mubarak dynasty. . . . Fahd Bahady is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published by Al Jazeera on 25 November 2010; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  The text above is an interpretation of the cartoon by Yoshie Furuhashi.  Cf. “Egypt: Systematic Crackdown […]

  • Morales Laments Exclusion of His Proposal from Cancún Summit

    Bolivian President Evo Morales lamented this Friday that his proposal as well as that of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez, calling on the rich countries to halve their greenhouse gas emissions, has not been welcomed into the Cancún Summit on climate change to be held next week. Morales indicated at a press conference that the petitions […]

  • Eurozone Time Bomb

    Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  | Print

  • Help Unwanted

    “When I was 20, they told me I must have experience.  Now that I have experience, they tell me they’re looking for a 20-year-old.” Juan Kalvellido, born in Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain in 1968, is a working-class cartoonist who has never stopped believing in revolution.  He currently lives in Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi […]

  • Ireland: “We Can’t Pay That Money, and We Won’t Pay That Money”

      Outside the General Post Office, Dublin, Ireland, 27.11.10 “Well, our gallant allies in Europe have arrived 95 years too late and uninvited, and instead of guns to help the revolution they have brought economic weapons of mass destruction.  Does anybody in this country or in Dáil Éireann think that we can as a people […]