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Iran: The First Time as Tragedy . . .

“‘Today?’ asked the younger cook, as he placed a very large skewer on the charcoal.  ‘Is anyone supposed to come out today?’  ‘Yes,’ I said after a short pause, pretending not to be that interested.  ‘It’s the seventh day of mourning for the people who died last week.’  The young man rolled his eyes, the way a dedicated anti-riot guard of the Islamic Republic might.  ‘Only the seditionists will be out,’ he said.  ‘Who do you think shot those guys last week?  They were dedicated Basijis.  Do you see anyone from the lower classes of society in these subversive demonstrations?  There are neither rich guys, nor poor guys in these riots, only the middle class who think that something that belongs to them is not theirs anymore and they want it back.'” — TehranBureau Special Correspondent

Shiraz, Iran, 1 Esfand 1389 (20 February 2011)

A few more videos of this kind are posted on the Web site of the Green Path Movement. . . .

Cf. Mark Pyruz, “Egypt 2011/Islamic Republic of Iran 2009: Two Different Responses to Civil Unrest” (Uskowi on Iran, 29 January 2011); Mark Pyruz, “Law Enforcement on 25 Bahman — Video and Image Analysis” (Uskowi on Iran, 15 February 2011); “Hashemi Rafsanjani Must Be Fired from the Head of the Assembly of Experts” (Lenziran, 18 February 2011).

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