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Archive | May, 2012

Imperialism Redux: Canada Colonizes Honduras?

A curious article recently appeared in Canada’s Globe and Mail.  The authors are US economist Paul Romer and Octavio Sanchez, chief of staff to the President of Honduras.  They are promoting Romer’s idea for “charter cities,” in which Canada is invited to play a role in an ostensibly new model to promote development and prosperity […]

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Always Occupy

And so I left Montserrat, a place of brief and merciful funerals.  She does a good burial, Montserrat — the only place in the world where the barefoot gravedigger rules.  He gets to choose the hymns sung, judge the quality of the choir’s voices, and keeps up a running conversation as he joyfully sets about […]

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Can Germany’s Left Party Be Saved?

What is the matter with Germany’s Left Party?  Or, more bluntly, can it be saved?  What is the truth about the charismatic leader Oskar Lafontaine, from West German Saarland, who suddenly, surprisingly withdrew from the fight for party leadership?  Is he really out of the running?  And is that good or bad?  What are the […]

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Living in Two Cities: Tarif and Evelyn Warren

On May 14, Evelyn Warren and Michael Tarif Warren, attorneys at law, held a press conference.  They stood outside the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse and announced that their case, Warren v. City of New York, had been settled.  They had dropped their lawsuit against the city and the NYPD officers who had beaten and arrested them […]

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Socialism in the 21st Century

“We have the objective ground for building an alternative historical bloc, to use Gramsci’s language.  An alternative historical bloc — I would call it ‘anti-comprador.’” — Samir Amin Samir Amin is a Marxist economist.  Video by NewsClick (14 May 2012). | Print

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Democracy Imperiled: The Greek Political Crisis

Recent developments in Greece provide an acute illustration of the long-standing contradiction between capitalism and democracy.  This contradiction has also been felt in Greece in the past, including in the history of military coups aimed at the repression of popular movements and at ensuring the country’s subordination to the wishes of the United States during […]

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Impoverishing Europe

  The crisis is not relinquishing its grip on Europe.  From autumn 2008 to early 2009 the world market experienced the deepest slump in economic output since the Second World War.  This is a global crisis.  Even in emerging economies like China, Brazil, or India economic growth declined and could not compensate for the recession […]

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Summary of the 13 May 2012 Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia Elections Results

Some Good News, and Lots of Bad News, from Germany

Here’s “good news” and “bad news” from Germany.  The good news: the Christian Democratic Union of Angela Merkel took a real whipping in the election in North Rhine-Westphalia (usually abbreviated to NRW), the largest German state in terms of population.  Her smiling, almost benign mien, with little bluster or braggadocio, disguises less and less her […]

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Egyptian Workers Speak Out

“What were the reasons for this revolution if not for us to have a voice, to establish our worth, our dignity, to feel like we’re humans, with the right to say yes or no?” Video by Mosireen. | Print

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