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Geography Archives: Brazil

Brazil-Iran: New Boost to South-South Diplomacy

  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s controversial visit to Brazil further underscored the independence of this country’s diplomacy, and gave Tehran a chance to defend its points of view on the construction of a lasting peace in the Middle East. Ahmadinejad’s one-day trip to Brasilia Monday was the third visit to Brazil by a Middle Eastern […]

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Brazil, at Organization of American States, Accuses Honduran Coup Regime of “Torture”

Washington, D.C. — The Brazilian government’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Ruy de Lima Casaes e Silva, accused the Honduran coup regime of “torture” in its ongoing attacks on Brazil’s embassy in Honduras. Ambassador Lima Casaes described an elaborate series of measures taken by the Honduran security forces surrounding the Embassy to cause […]

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Honduras Coup Regime Suspends Constitutional Rights, Closes Media, Threatens Brazil: Will Obama Administration Break Its Silence?

Washington, D.C. – The Honduran de facto regime suspended constitutional guarantees to civil liberties, including freedom of assembly and freedom of the press, for 45 days on the eve of mass protests planned to mark the three-month anniversary since the coup d’etat against President Manuel Zelaya took place.  The regime has also shut down Radio […]

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Brazil: Amorim Calls Hillary and Criticizes Mediation by Arias

Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim yesterday phoned U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was in New Delhi, India, to “express concern” about the slow pace and handling of the negotiations for the reinstatement of the democratic order in Honduras, the Brazilian Minister’s press office said. Amorim conveyed Brazil’s criticism to Hillary regarding the way […]

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Brazil: Revisited

“A modern city, warts and all.” — Dennis Brutus Dawnlight seeps slowly into Sao Paulo skies as if reluctant to rediscover old betrayals or disclose new ones in Lula’s disappointed lands (IMF/World Bank scoundrels have tenacious as well as rapacious ravening claws) but trees silhouetted against pale skies against malodorous ditches assert irrepressible growth, undeterrable […]

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International Capital Dominates Brazilian Agriculture

  The Movement of Financial Capital In recent years, there has been an intensive, continuous process of concentration and centralization of corporations operating and controlling the entire production process of global agriculture. Concentration is the concept used in political economy to explain the movement of large corporations to combine, accumulate, and become large groups.  Thus, […]

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Interview with Bolivian Vice President García: “Brazil and Argentina’s Support Restrained Adventurists’ Plans in Bolivia”

Evo Morales’ Vice President believes that regional backing neutralized the most radical sectors among secessionists. The 10oC “summer” weather in Bolivia’s capital city is strongly felt in Bolivian Vice President Álvaro García Linera’s house, which has no heating, like nearly all the houses in La Paz. For almost an hour we went over the conjuncture […]

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Debarshi Das

Homo Economicus vs. Aam Aadmi: Crisis of Democracy

  During the twentieth century, there were two major shifts in mainstream economic thinking.  These two major changes were the Keynesian revolution of the 1930s and the return of orthodoxy on the back of the Rational Expectation and Monetarist school in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Each of the shifts was preceded by a […]

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North American Military Presence in South America

Brazilian Army Study Details North American Military Presence in South America [Estudo do Exército detalha presença militar norte-americana na América do Sul]

Brasília — Há muito tempo a América do Sul tem sido uma área estratégica para os Estados Unidos, o que levou os norte-americanos a trazerem militares na região.  Exemplo maior talvez tenha sido a Doutrina Monroe, aprovada pelo Congresso norte-americano em 1823.  Surgida como forma de impedir a recolonização européia da América, com o tempo […]

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