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Geography Archives: Ecuador

Ecuador’s Expulsion of U.S. Ambassador

A declaration by the Ecuadorian government that U.S. Ambassador Heather Hodges is “persona non grata” and must leave Ecuador as soon as possible should not come as a surprise, Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, said.  Weisbrot noted that the expulsion follows recent troubling revelations in cables released by Wikileaks […]

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Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa Rescued by Armed Forces

  From the Carondelet Palace, President Correa expressed his condemnation of the attitude of police.  He congratulated the people for their courage.  With such loyalty no one can defeat us, he said.  He thanked the world leaders and organizations that expressed their support for the government.  He declared that Ecuador will not submit to anyone. […]

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Attempted Coup in Ecuador Fails, But Threat Remains

In June of last year, when the Honduran military overthrew the social democratic government of Manuel Zelaya, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador took it personally.  “We have intelligence reports that say that after Zelaya, I’m next,” said Correa. Yesterday it turned out to be true.  Some analysts are still insisting that what happened was just […]

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Ecuadoran Armed Forces Affirm Respect for State of Law

General Ernesto González, Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Ecuador: “The Armed Forces of Ecuador, as determined by the Constitution, is an institution to protect the rights, guarantees, and freedoms of Ecuadoran citizens.  Therefore, we respect the state of law.  We, the Armed Forces, are an institution organized by, led by, […]

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Ecuador and Bolivia Show That Even Small Developing Countries Can Pursue Independent Economic Policies, Stand Up for Their Rights, and Win

Among the conventional wisdom that we hear every day in the business press is that developing countries should bend over backwards to create a friendly climate for foreign corporations, follow orthodox (neoliberal) macroeconomic policy advice, and strive to achieve an investment-grade sovereign credit rating so as to attract more foreign capital. Guess which country is […]

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Indigenous Peoples Rising in Bolivia and Ecuador

Introduction Indigenous peoples in Indo-Afro-Latin America, especially Bolivia and Ecuador, are rising up to take control of their own lives and act in solidarity with others to save the planet.  They are calling for new, yet ancient, practices of plurinational, participatory, and intercultural democracy.  They champion ecologically sustainable development; community-based autonomies; and solidarity with other […]

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