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  • Who Wants Peace in Darfur?

    The “Save Darfur” rally today was aired on C-Span.  The rally was small — only several thousands according to Reuters (“Thousands March to Stop Darfur Killing,” 30 April 2006).  And the crowd in attendance was overwhelmingly white.  But, boy, it was a professionally-staged photo op, with celebs, politicos, and exiles from Sudan at the podium […]

  • Worker-to-Worker Solidarity Committee to AFL-CIO: Cut All Ties with NED

    On March 6, over 50 union members from several unions and activist allies picketed the headquarters of the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC., to demand that the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center immediately break off all ties with the misnamed National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NED is a leading component of the US Government’s efforts to maintain […]

  • Neil Young Kicks Out the Jams!

    On April 30, 1970, Richard Nixon told the world that US forces were invading the country of Cambodia.  Within twenty-four hours of his announcement, the streets of many cities and towns around the United States and elsewhere were filled with angry protests against the US action.  On May 4, National Guard troops opened fire on […]

  • “Save Darfur”: Evangelicals and Establishment Jews

    Yoshie Furuhashi, “Who Wants Peace in Darfur?” (30 April 2006) It’s embarrassing that America — and the world — will be witnessing a PRO-WAR rally in Washington, D.C. on April 30 (a project of that is far more highly publicized than an anti-war one (that appears to be poorly organized) in New York City […]

  • Nativo López on May 1: “You Get What You’re Ready to Fight for”

      NATIVO LÓPEZ is president of the Mexican American Political Association and a spokesperson for the Great American Boycott 2006 — a national day of action for immigrant rights on May 1.  Nativo talked about the huge protests against anti-immigrant legislation and plans for May 1 with SARAH KNOPP, a teacher in Los Angeles and […]

  • Baburam Bhattarai’s “Letter to the Editor” of the Kantipur Newspaper (Tuesday, April 25, 2006)

    [The revolution in Nepal has led to the recall of the Parliament dismissed by the King in 2002, which shall meet on Friday, April 28th.  The leading force of the revolution, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), control more than eighty percent of the country.  Baburam Bhattarai On April 26th, the CPN(M) agreed to call […]

  • Persian Atoms: Enriching Facts, Diverting Fiction

    “I don’t think the issue of enrichment right now, emotional as it is, is urgent. . . . So, we have ample time to negotiate a settlement by which, as I said, Iran’s need for nuclear power is assured and the concern of the international community is also put to rest.” “We have done our […]

  • Harperism: The First Three Months

    The opening of the 39th Parliament of Canada on 3 April 2006 quickly revealed what should now be plain to all.  Under the Conservative Party leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadians are faced with a government with an unambiguous right-wing agenda.  The outlines of the “Harperism” project can readily be discerned: there is a […]

  • West Point Graduates Organize against the War

    We mince no words.  Time is of the essence.  Iraq is a human and political catastrophe, stark testament to the deceitful behavior of the Bush administration.  The dangers are clear and present, and too many human beings are dying for an ignoble cause.  The preemptive war launched against Iraq on March 20, 2003 stands illegal […]

  • Constituent Assembly Now!

      Yesterday’s so-called royal proclamation does not have any worth and significance other than fulfilling feudal arrogance and underrating the great Nepalese sea of the masses, which, chanting slogans of constituent assembly and republic, is flowing into the streets to give a new direction to the world by creative application of people’s revolution in the […]

  • Nepal and Venezuela:For Popular Democracy, against Ceremonial Democracy

    Any serious and honest survey of the Maoist movement would convey the truth that its main agenda has been to establish essential democratic institutions that devolve political and economic power to the masses.   In every negotiation with the King and the parliamentary forces, the Maoists have asked for an unconditional constituent assembly, during whose election […]

  • Resistance on the Mexican “Riviera”: The Zapatistas Visit Manzanillo, Colima

      The view south-east across the bay from the hills of Las Hadas, the hotel zone in Manzanillo is especially beautiful in the evening as the sun sets and the white painted hotels and restaurants stretching for several miles sparkle in the sun, behind the curving beach.  It’s a major Pacific port for Mexico and […]

  • “I Know I’m Not Dreaming, Because I Can’t Sleep Any More”: A Review of Elias Khoury’s Gate of the Sun

    A few years back, I was talking with a young socialist organizer about books.  He had just asked me why I wasted my time reading fiction when there was so much non-fiction that needed to be read.  Culture, I replied, reflects and illuminates a society just as much as, if not more than, history or […]

  • Ruin, Rubble, and Race: Lessons on the Centennial of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

    It’s as if the spotlight that Hurricane Katrina cast on the inequities of disaster relief never happened. San Francisco’s high and mighty are in full-throated self-celebration of the City’s “rising from the ashes” of the April 18, 1906 earthquake and fire. Forgotten are people like my great-great grandfather Lee Bo-wen who immigrated to San Francisco […]

  • This Is What a Movement Looks Like

    While much of the left has been bemoaning the demise of the antiwar movement and fighting to reinvigorate the opposition to American warmongering that was so evident before the war began, millions of immigrants and their allies have poured into the streets to fight the racist stench emanating from Congress and demand real justice and […]

  • AmeriLand: Land of Buy One Get One Free

    French philosopher Jean Baudrillard observed: Disneyland is a perfect model of all the entangled orders of simulation.  To begin with it is a play of illusions and phantasms: pirates, the frontier, future world, etc.  This imaginary world is supposed to be what makes the operation successful.  But, what draws the crowds is undoubtedly much more […]

  • To Delphi Corporation’s Robert Miller, “Bankruptcy Is A Growth Industry in America”!

    An insider’s analysis of what Corporate Bankruptcy Czar Robert Miller is cooking up for workers and communities in America by Delphi worker/UAW activist Gregg Shotwell, with an introduction by former UAW Executive Board Member, Jerry Tucker Gregg Shotwell is a machine operator for Delphi (formerly GM) — the world’s largest auto parts supplier.  He has […]

  • As Crisis Deepens: Is a Comeback for Labor in the Cards?

    As labor activists from around the country and world converge on Dearborn, Michigan in early May for the Labor Notes Conference, it’s worth reflecting back on a year that has brought back hopes for a revitalization of the labor movement. Several months ago, the Wall Street Journal described an increase in strikes in the United […]

  • It’s Time to Call a Truce in America’s Longest War

      I am Ron Ridenour, a 55-year-old Flathead County and Canyon resident of Montana.  I stood before a federal judge on June 25th, 2004, the most critical reckoning day I had encountered in my lifetime.  In order to reduce a 5 to 20 year prison term and a two million dollar fine to livable amounts, […]

  • Let’s Kick the Habit

    We are being short-changed.  The Oakland City Council and the Oakland Police Officers Association have just agreed to spend $2.4 million from city coffers, not to hire more police officers, but to recruit them. While Oakland residents fret about their security, city leaders present them with a bill for an empty plate.  Nobody has to […]