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  • Aznar’s silence

    During a Round Table program aired on Cuban television on April 25, 2003, I pointed out that the then Spanish President José María Aznar, an ally of the world’s leader in genocides and massacres, had met with President William Clinton on April 13, 1999, at an uncertain juncture of the war in Yugoslavia, and had told him, verbatim:

  • Should Al Qaeda Reconstruct the WTC?

    In debates about whether or not the United States should withdraw all troops from Iraq, a frequently mentioned factor is the need to prevent civil war and genocide.  That denies the realities on the ground: we have already ensured a civil war and committed genocide.  The time for “prevention” has passed.  But there is another […]

  • The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

      The Future Is Unwritten A Film directed by Julien Temple, Vertigo Films, in association with Film4, Parallel Films, and Nitrate Films. Cinema Release May 2007, DVD due September 2007. One night a movie saved my life.  How?  By reminding me of what’s important, by re-kindling the excitement and motivation of a time I thought […]

  • One more argument for the UN

    While working on the already famous Greenspan book, I read an article published by El País, a Spanish newspaper with a circulation of more than 500,000, according to reports; I would like to pass this on to the readers. It is signed by Ernesto Ekaizer, and it literally reads:

  • The University in Chains

    THE UNIVERSITY IN CHAINS by Henry A. GirouxBUY THIS BOOK Henry Giroux’s The University in Chains is a crisp, powerful book about the crisis in American higher education.  Basically, the university has been buffeted by the three forces that have defined the US under the Bush administration (and, for that matter, for some time before): […]

  • Andre Gorz — RIP

      Andre Gorz, philosopher of freedom, sociologist of work, ecologist and democratic socialist, trade union adviser, journalist and for a time editor of Nouvelle Observateur and Les Tempes Modernes, took his life at 84 on the 24th of September together with his wife Dorine, 83, who was suffering from a degenerative disease.  On the 25th […]

  • The Disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine in Haiti

    On August 12, one of Haiti’s best-known and respected advocates of human and social rights, Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, disappeared.  The Haitian National Police later confirmed that he was kidnapped. There has been no communication with alleged kidnappers since the early days of his disappearance.  As the silence continues, it seems increasingly evident that his disappearance […]

  • A Rough Guide to Radical Thought

    IDEAS FOR ACTION by Cynthia KaufmanBUY THIS BOOK After considering the long train of outrages committed by the current regime — an administration so callous, so degraded, that some European commentators have taken to calling George W. Bush a “gangsta bitch” (Dick Cheney is, of course, Bush’s “Original Gangsta”) — it’s nice to know that […]

  • SPP: The Globalization of North America Continues

    The ultracons have it all wrong and the neocons are glad that they do. The straw dog that the ultracons are beating to death in print and on the Internet is the chimerical North American Union, purported to be a supranational state that intends to override the sovereignty of the United States and subject all […]

  • Empire’s Contradictions, Our Weaknesses: The Empire Stumbles On

    Today’s two most conspicuous global flashpoints — the Middle East and Latin America — have widely exposed the fact of US imperialism and highlighted some of its limitations.  Adding the apparent cracks in US economic hegemony seems to indicate an empire in decline.  Yet a more cautious assessment would recall that the earlier defeat in […]

  • Open Letter to Progressive Opponents of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

      As Columbia only very recently announced, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be speaking in Roone Arledge auditorium this Monday.  A number of students and student organizations have already announced plans for a protest rally the same day.  We are not among them.  We do not endorse Ahmadinejad or his views, many of which are […]

  • Support the Fresenius Workers on Strike in Antalya, Turkey

    12th September 2007 CALL FOR SOLIDARITY Dear sisters, You may have heard about the strike in Novamed in Turkey/Antalya.  Novamed is one of the factories of Fresenius Medical Care located in Germany.  All the workers who have gone on strike are female workers.  Their working conditions are very bad and male-dominated (patriarchal).  For example: female […]

  • Honey, I Shrank the Military (Or, Who Put the “Pet” in “Petraeus”?)

    Congratulations, peace-lover!  You have just purchased your first three-inch-high Top U.S. Military Commander! These little Commanders make delightful pets — provided they are no more than three inches tall.  Otherwise, these unruly pests can attack sovereign countries, overrun entire populations, and get hold of fissionable material, possibly blowing up the world. We don’t think it’s […]

  • Welcome Home, Joma Sison!

    Watch the welcoming of Joma Sison by his friends and colleagues after his release from detention. The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation.  The video was made available at YouTube by beweging. | | Print

  • Today’s Neoliberal Hero — the Village Usurer

      Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review.  Its September 2007 issue features the following editorial. — Ed. No truths are more vigorously avoided, disguised and denied in our media than the disastrous and devastating results for the majority of the post-1991 economic “reforms” and the […]

  • Federal Reserve Twists and Turns

    The Federal Reserve is led by an inveterate “free market solves all economic problems best” kind of guy.  Mr. Bernanke loves Milton Friedman passionately and says so.  This is what big business wants to hear when it is making lots of money, when it wants tax reductions to boost profits, and when it wants government […]

  • Gaza: A Call for Urgent Action

    The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) deplores the unanimous decision by the Israeli cabinet to impose sanctions on supplies of electricity, fuel, and other basic goods and services to the civilian population of Gaza and calls upon the international community to prevent this crime against humanity from being carried out.  Indeed, the very legal […]

  • Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Agression to the World Economy

    In one of my reflections I made reference to gold bars deposited in the basements of the Twin Towers. This time the subject is quite a bit more complicated and hard to believe. Almost four decades ago scientists living in the United States discovered the Internet, the same way that Albert Einstein, born in Germany, discovered in his own time the formula to measure atomic energy.

  • Why the US Is Losing in Iraq

    Legitimacy is a central yet understudied concept in world politics.  Let me give you an example of how it works in our everyday lives.  If I were to wield a stick menacingly and run around the SOAS campus in London proclaiming that I am an academic, very few people would be persuaded.  What I need […]

  • CPP Applauds Release of Jose Ma. Sison

    September 14, 2007 — The release of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chair Jose Ma. Sison from detention in the Netherlands is “a victory for the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces, a big slap in the face of the US-Arroyo regime and a stinging blow against the fascist machinations of its National […]