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  • The Bipartisan Assault on Home-based Caregivers

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is not alone in bashing public employees these days.  In the view of his fellow GOP governor, Mitch Daniels from Indiana, a possible presidential candidate next year, collective bargaining has transformed civil servants into “a new privileged class.”  For right-wing Republican governors and legislators, the solution to state and local government […]

  • State and Municipal Debt: The Coming Crisis?

    Testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on TARP and Financial Resources, 15 March 2011 Thank you, Chairman McHenry and Ranking Member Quigley, for inviting me to testify before the subcommittee and to share my views on the debt problem facing state and local governments.  I will make three main points in my […]

  • Chávez Condemns Plot against Syria

    Caracas, 25 April (PL) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said today that the government of Syria is a victim of a plot to justify future actions — including military ones — against it. “They are infiltrating terrorists into Syria and causing violence and deaths, and all of a sudden the president is pronounced guilty, immediately, […]

  • Further House Price Declines in the United States

    The price decline since July has eliminated more than $1 trillion in housing wealth. The Case-Shiller 20-City index fell by 1.1 percent in February, the fifth consecutive month where it has fallen by at least 1.0 percent.  It is now down by 6.5 percent from its peak in July.  Eighteen of the twenty cities had […]

  • Vik Arrigoni, Remembered for His Dreams

    On April 9, Vittorio Arrigoni — Vik to us — wrote to me in an e-mail that “I will go out immediately after this shame” ends.  The “shame” was Israel’s latest flurry of F-16-delivered explosives that landed on the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. On April 14 at noon I learned of Vik’s abduction at […]

  • Obama Declares Manning Guilty Before Trial

      President Barack Obama said on April 21 that PFC Bradley Manning “broke the law.” Obama: “So people can have philosophical views [about Bradley Manning] but I can’t conduct diplomacy on an open source [basis]. . . .  That’s not how the world works.  And if you’re in the military. . . .  And I […]

  • Easter Peace March in Berlin

    The Easter holiday in Germany lasts from Good Friday to Easter Monday, four days.  It arrived very late this year, at the end of April, and amazing summer weather drew multitudes to lakes or the seaside.  Some, it was hoped — if not exactly multitudes — would be drawn by their consciences to a rather […]

  • Lying in Wait for Opportunity in Syria

    Victor Nieto is a cartoonist in Venezuela.  His cartoons frequently appear in Aporrea and Rebelión among other sites.  Cf. “Lebanon: Saad Hariri Calls for Syrian Regime Change; Maybe Iran Too” (24 August 2006, leaked to WikiLeaks, published in Al-Akhbar); “Turkey Comments on Syrian Ihvan’s Meeting in Istanbul” (World Bulletin, 2 April 2011); المراقب العام للأخوان […]

  • From Places Like Mine and Yours

    On the progressive potential of small, quasi-autonomous states (like Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, etc.). . . . The strong Scottish accent was conspiring with the noisy pub background to make it difficult for me to understand the words spoken in my ear by an imposing trade union figure.  Thankfully, I managed to decipher his words, […]

  • Letter to the International Labor Organization

      Excerpt: We demand that Ali Nejati, Fereydoun Nikoofard, Ghorban Alipour, Mohammad Heydari Mehr, Jalil Mohamadi, and Reza Rakhshan (who are all board members of the Haft Tapeh Trade Union), and Behrooz Nikoofard, another laid-off worker, be returned to work immediately. Full Text: See the letter in Persian: نامه سندیکای کارگران نیشکر هفت تپه به […]

  • Maseerat al ‘Awda, the Return to Palestine March

      Following a general meeting that brought together representatives from various Palestinian and Lebanese civil society organizations as well as individual activists, the Organizing Committee of Maseerat al ‘Awda, the Return to Palestine March, has announced the launch of its preparatory activities. The “Return to Palestine March” will take participants to the border with Occupied […]

  • The Brutal and Turbulent North

    I was reading abundant materials and books to make good my promise of continuing writing on the Reflection of April 14 about the Battle of Girón when I had a look at the recent news that came yesterday, which were also as abundant as they are everyday. You could pile up mountains of news on […]

  • Lenin and Keynes

    At first sight no two persons could have been more dissimilar.  One was a Cambridge don, with more than one foot in the British government; a supporter of the Liberal Party, staunchly opposed to the Bolshevik Revolution; an aesthete and a member of the Bloomsbury Group; a life peer in imperial Britain, and a solid, […]

  • Iraqis Demand “Unconditional Departure of Occupation Forces from Iraq”

    On Friday, Iraqis demonstrated in Mosul City’s Ahrar Square (Square of the Free) for the ninth consecutive day to demand “the unconditional departure of occupation forces from Iraq” and the release of detainees. Meanwhile, in Sulaymaniyah province’s Hurriya (Freedom) Square, protestors demanded that the government and parliament be dissolved and asked for political reform.

  • Al Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau Chief, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, Resigns

    As-Safir, a left-wing Lebanese newspaper, first reported on Saturday that Al Jazeera’s Beirut bureau chief Ghassan Ben Jeddo resigned.  The news has now been confirmed by Al-Manar, which has interviewed Ben Jeddo. According to As-Safir, Ben Jeddo resigned first and foremost because “Al Jazeera abandoned an ideal of objectivity and professionalism and resorted to gutter […]

  • Omanis Demand Reform While Saudis March in Solidarity with Bahrainis

    In the southern port city of Salalah, Oman, thousands of demonstrators on Friday demanded better wages and jobs, saying the government’s promised reforms are not enough.  They also voiced their fury over Muscat’s failure to sack corrupt ministers.  On the same day, in the eastern city of Qatif, Saudi Arabia, hundreds protested in solidarity with […]

  • Only in America: Former U.S. Official Sued Haiti Contractors for Kickbacks

    Corruption takes many forms, and if the United States seems like it has less of it than many developing countries, this is partly because we have legalized so much of it.  Election campaign contributions are only the most costly and debilitating form, a legalized bribery that, for example, gives the pharmaceutical and insurance companies a […]

  • Serving Up Libya

    Victor Nieto is a cartoonist in Venezuela.  His cartoons frequently appear in Aporrea and Rebelión among other sites.  var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print

  • Protesters in Saudi Arabia: “Down with the Khalifas, Down with America, Down with Israel, Down with Wahhabism!”

    Awamiya, 22 April 2011: “The People Want Human Rights” Qatif, 22 April 2011: “Down with the Khalifas, Down with America, Down with Israel, Down with Wahhabism!” Qatif, 22 April 2011: “With Our Soul, with Our Blood, We’ll Free Bahrain!” Cf. <>.  See, also, Yoshie Furuhashi, “Longing for Revolution in Saudi Arabia” (MRZine, 6 March 2011); […]

  • Free Ebrahim Sharif, a Political Prisoner in Bahrain

      Ebrahim Sharif is a 53-year-old Bahraini politician, businessman, husband, father — and now, a political prisoner.  He serves as the secretary general of the National Democratic Action Society (also known as Waad), a secular, moderate, and peaceful political opposition group in Bahrain. Ebrahim Sharif Speaks At around 2 AM, on Thursday, March 17, 2011 […]