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Lying in Wait for Opportunity in Syria

Lying in Wait for Opportunity in Syria

Victor Nieto is a cartoonist in Venezuela.  His cartoons frequently appear in Aporrea and Rebelión among other sites.  Cf. “Lebanon: Saad Hariri Calls for Syrian Regime Change; Maybe Iran Too” (24 August 2006, leaked to WikiLeaks, published in Al-Akhbar); “Turkey Comments on Syrian Ihvan’s Meeting in Istanbul” (World Bulletin, 2 April 2011); المراقب العام للأخوان المسلمين في سوريا يؤكد ادعاءات النظام السوري حول وقوف”الجماعة”وراء التظاهرات!؟ (Al-Hakikah, 3 April 2011); Joshua Landis, “Disinformation about Syria in Western Media” (14 April 2011); Craig Whitlock, “U.S. Secretly Backed Syrian Opposition Groups, Cables Released by WikiLeaks Show” (Washington Post, 17 April 2011); Fahd Alaragha Almasry, “Former Syrian Vice President Launches Campaign against Assad” (Al-Masry Al Youm, 19 April 2011); <>; “Wahhab Reveals Photos of Checks Addressed to Jarrah and Khaddam from Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz” (Naharnet, 23 April 2011); “Syrian Expats Want Obama to Push for Regime Change” (Al Jazeera, 23 April 2011); نادر عزالدين
, ثورة أميركية في سوريا وغرفة التحكم بين بيروت و”بارك أوتيل شتورة” (Al-Manar, 24 April 2011); As’ad AbuKhalil, “Who Are ‘They’?” (The Angry Arab News Service, 24 March 2011).

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