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  • Abolish Columbus Day

    Christopher Columbus

    A New York Times article, following the white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the murder of anti-racist activist Heather Heyer, described the growing calls to remove monuments that celebrate the Confederacy. The article went on to cite some who balk, however, when “the symbolism is far murkier, like Christopher Columbus.”

  • Che Guevara stamp

    Che Guevara stamp sells out first run in ‘unprecedented’ public demand

    THE Che Guevara stamp produced by An Post to mark the 50th anniversary of the Latin American freedom fighter’s murder on 9 October 1967 by CIA-backed Bolivian state forces has sold out its initial 120,000 print run.

  • "Hurry! Buy More Stuff!" sign at protest.

    Capitalism’s moral maze

    Life as a consumer is very different to what we’re told.

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    Criminalizing environmental activism

    Berta Cáceres, assassinated in her home on March 3, 2016, was just one of hundreds of Latin American environmental activists attacked in recent years. At least 577 environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs) were killed in Latin America between 2010 and 2015—more than in any other region—as documented by Global Witness.

  • Nazi flag flies from Austrian legation in Washington, D.C. on March 12, 1938 (New York Public Library) .

    How American racism shaped nazism

    Depending on the reader’s perspective, Whitman’s central argument seems either modest or bold, as he claims, “What all this research unmistakably reveals is that the Nazis did find precedents and parallels and inspirations in the United States” (10). The most radical Nazis were often the most enthused about American legal precedents. More moderate, less anti-Semitic members of the Nazi Party tended to be more skeptical of American approaches. For some Nazis, “American race law looked too racist” (5). America “was the leading racist jurisdiction” in the 1930s (138).

  • Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938

    Henry Ford’s dirty history

    Donald Trump’s reluctance to denounce neo-Nazis marching on the streets of the US has shocked many people. But there is a long history of US businessmen flirting with fascism, writes John Newsinger.

  • International Congress of Intellectuals for Peace (Wroctaw, Poland, 1948).

    Red scientist: two strands from a life in three colours

    An exploration of Bernal’s contribution to the politicization of science and scientists, above all the development of the Social Relations of Science movement.

  • Photo credit: The Hindu

    A revolutionary power to heal: fifty years after Che’s death

    On October 9, 1967, in southern Bolivia, near the barren and desolate village of La Higuera, the Bolivian Army, under instructions from the government of the U.S., trapped the isolated guerrilla column led by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.

  • Marx's Capital at 150.

    Marx’s Capital at 150: an invitation to history

    Radhika Desai says Capital by Karl Marx is still an essential read on the 150th anniversary of its publication.

  • 'What a Rigged Economy Looks Like': Top 10% Now Own 77% of American Wealth

    Top ten percent now own 77% of the wealth

    The Federal Reserve released the 2016 version of the Survey of Consumer Finances today. I will be doing a lot of work with this data in the coming months. But for starters, here is a short post about overall wealth inequality.

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    Asking nothing in return

    In only 39 years, the young man from the city of Rosario accomplished something not achieved by many who lived a century. He became part of the people’s history and remains so today.

  • Mészáros in a 2002 appearance on Brazilian television program Roda Viva.

    Political power and dissent in post-revolutionary societies

    Marx’s original definition concerned political power as the direct manifestation of class antagonism, coupled with its opposite: the abolition of political power properly so-called in a fully realized socialist society. But what happens in between? Is it possible to break entrenched political power without necessarily resorting to the exercise of a fully articulated system of political power?

  • White people; Viewing the Performance of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor’ in the Globe Theatre (1840) by David Scott. Photo courtesy the V&A Musuem

    How ‘white people’ were invented by a playwright in 1613

    The Jacobean playwright Thomas Middleton invented the concept of ‘white people’ on 29 October 1613, the date that his play The Triumphs of Truth was first performed. The phrase was first uttered by the character of an African king who looks out upon an English audience and declares: ‘I see amazement set upon the faces/Of these white people, wond’rings and strange gazes.’

  • CLR James

    The Marxism of C.L.R. James

    Cyril Lionel Robert James (1901-1989) has begun to enjoy a revival among U.S. and European intellectuals which promises to spread his influence more widely in the present and future than was the case at any time during his life. He is best known for his magnificent history of the Haitian revolution, entitled Black Jacobins (first published in 1938 and reprinted often since then), but a growing number of people are becoming increasingly familiar with many other facets of his work.

  • Police in riot gear stand by as protesters demonstrate following a not-guilty verdict in Police Officer Jason Stockley’s trial over shooting death of motorist Anthony Lamar Smith on Sept. 15, 2017, in St. Louis. (Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

    FBI launches COINTELPRO 2.0, targeting ‘black identity extremists’

    Raise your hand if you identify as a “black identity extremist.” Matter of fact, raise your hand if you’ve ever even heard of the term “black identity extremist.”

  • Uncle. The Venezuelan opposition says it does not intend to make the story of the same with the issue of neutrality. (Photo Credit: Presna Latina)

    Venezuelan analysts warn against a new plan to overthrow Nicolás Maduro on October 13th

    The constitutional and legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro is facing a brutal offensive by the internal and foreign right led by the United States.

  • History of the alt-right: The movement isn't just Breitbart and white nationalists — it's worse -

    Here’s how Breitbart and Milo smuggled nazi and white nationalist ideas into the mainstream

    A cache of documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-right “killing machine.”

  • Economy rains down Rose Parade (photo:

    Promises, promises

    They keep promising, ever since the recovery from the Great Recession started more than eight years ago, that workers’ wages will finally begin to increase. But they’re not.

  • Women in economics (Featured Image Credit: The Economist)

    The difficult art of being a feminist in an economist classroom

    It’s high time that we replace the narrow rational economic man within our models with a more objective understanding of human nature by incorporating the ‘feminine’ characteristics of humanism, connectedness, and intuition.

  • Russian hacker arrested in Spain; says he worked for Putin's party, feared torture if extradited | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

    The hackers who made possible a universal electoral register for the Catalan referendum

    VilaWeb interviewed one of the IT experts who created, at breakneck speed, the program allowing voters to dodge Spanish repression.