• | Roger Waters performs during his This Is Not A Drill Tour Photo Miami and beaches | MR Online

    Roger Waters added to Ukrainian hit list

    “Pink Floyd” star declared “Enemy of Ukraine”

  • | War Propaganda Firm Bellingcat Continues Lying About Syria | MR Online

    War Propaganda firm Bellingcat continues lying about Syria

    In December of 2016, the war propaganda firm Bellingcat ran an article assuring its readers that Twitter star Bana Alabed is a perfectly legitimate little Syrian girl and not at all a psyop designed to manufacture support for military interventionism against Bashar al-Assad.

  • | The No Cop Co Op providing Free Goods | MR Online

    An “Autonomous” three block-long Seattle street threatens America — what?

    President Donald Trump from his New Jersey private golf club tweeted this past Friday morning June 12, that “The terrorists burn and pillage our cities.”

  • | How To Understand All This China Stuff | MR Online

    How to understand all this China stuff

    The notion of “pre-crime” is the purview of dystopian horror fiction when applied to individual people, and there’s no reason we should find the prospect of attacking and destroying for hypothetical future offenses any less insane on an international scale.

  • | A mobile home on the Navajo reservation in Cameron Arizona Photo Gina FerazziGetty Images | MR Online

    The Navajo Nation is being decimated by this virus

    The problems facing Native American communities during this pandemic were decades in the making.

  • | Chelsea Manning Supporters Raise A Quarter Million Dollars In Two Days | MR Online

    Chelsea Manning supporters raise a Quarter Million dollars in two days

    In the likely event that you need some news to give you a bit of faith in humanity today, you should know that supporters of whistleblower Chelsea Manning have raised over a quarter million dollars to pay the cruel, draconian fine that was heaped upon her for her principled stand against testifying at corrupt secret grand jury proceedings.

  • | A still from The Young Karl Marx 2017 | MR Online

    A possible Communist redefinition of love

    In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou defined love as a form of “minimal communism [where] the real subject of a love is the becoming of the couple and not the mere satisfaction of the individuals that are its component parts.”(1) Earlier in the book, Badiou provided a more elegant statement, associating the act of loving to “learn[ing] that you can experience the world on the basis of difference and not only in terms of identity.”

  • | Credit Azo Extinction Rebellion | MR Online

    Extinction Rebellion: We need to talk about the future

    This is a love letter to Extinction Rebellion.

  • | Sierra Exif JPEG | MR Online

    Climate change, dust bowls, fishery collapse: metabolic rifts of capitalism and the need for socialism

    Humankind and the environment are hurtling toward unprecedented ecological crises. Global warming, sea level rise, and weather extremes due to carbon emissions are catastrophic enough, but they will mix and combine with ocean acidification, air and chemical pollution, water shortages, deforestation, fishery collapse, soil erosion, and mass extinction, throwing both nature and society off a cliff into the unknown.

  • | | MR Online

    New poll: U.S. military occupations supported by far more democrats than republicans

    A new Politico/Morning Consult poll has found that there is much more support for ongoing military occupations among Democrats surveyed than Republicans.

  • | Book Analysis Marx the Earth An Anti Critique | MR Online

    Marx & the Earth: An Anti-Critique

    If there is one thing from which Green thinking and practice suffers, it is the lack of an over-arching historical and socioeconomic conceptualisation of the dynamics making for the trashing of the environment as habit for humans and other creatures.

  • | Corbyn speaking to the people | MR Online

    Delegitimising the British left

    In the last month there has been a deliberate, determined attempt to turn the clock back on the general election result on 8th June 2017, to back when the left could be dismissed as irrational deluded cultists who mostly existed on social media.