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Archive | July, 2011

India: Saying No to Iranian Oil to Please America

  “[A]n assessment of whether India is fully and actively participating in United States and international efforts to dissuade, isolate, and, if necessary, sanction and contain Iran for its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction, including a nuclear weapons capability (including the capability to enrich uranium or reprocess nuclear fuel), and the means to […]

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Entangled in Neocolonialism: The Weight of Chains

An interview with documentary filmmaker Boris Malagurski Who in their right mind would actually want to be a colony?  That is the question asked in the opening section of The Weight of Chains, the latest film directed by Boris Malagurski.  His film demonstrates how the South Slavs emerged from centuries of colonial rule under the […]

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Ohio: Ballot Board Meeting on SB5

Dear friends: Secretary of State Jon Husted has called a meeting of the Ohio Ballot Board for Wednesday, August 3, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. in the Finan Finance Hearing Room of the Ohio Statehouse, to consider and certify the ballot language for three statewide issues appearing on the November ballot.  Of particular interest, the board […]

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The Debt Ceiling: A Guide for the Bewildered

  It is very difficult to explain American politics to those who are not Americans and/or have not lived here long enough.  Add to that the confusion over basic economic principles, and it becomes almost impossible to explain the debt-ceiling debate to rational people. As noted by James Galbraith, this is not a fiscal crisis, […]

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Facing Up to the Real Cost of Carbon

Your house might not burn down next year.  So you could probably save money by cancelling your fire insurance. That’s a “bargain” that few homeowners would accept. But it’s the same deal that politicians have accepted for us, when it comes to insurance against climate change.  They have rejected sensible investments in efficiency and clean […]

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