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  • Libya Is Neither Tunisia Nor Egypt

    Libya is neither Tunisia nor Egypt.  The (Gaddafi) bloc in power and the forces fighting against it have no analogues in Tunisia or Egypt.  Gaddafi has never been anything but a clown whose vacuous thought is reflected in the famous “Green Book.”  Operating in a still archaic society, Gaddafi could get away with adopting successive […]

  • To the Spanish People, a Message of Solidarity from Ard al-Liwa, Egypt

      “All of the Egyptian people are behind you and anyone who wants to make a revolution, anyone who wants to achieve something.  There is a saying: If the people want life, destiny should give it to them.” Hamdy Reda is an Egyptian visual artist.  Artellewa Space for Contemporary Art in Giza, established in 2007, […]

  • Egypt: Protesters, Police Clash Outside Israeli Embassy

    Scores of protesters in Cairo clash with Egyptian security forces in front of the Israeli embassy. They were gathering to urge Egypt to cut ties with Israel and also show support for the Palestinians’ Third Intifada. As tensions grew, security forces used live rounds, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. According to Egyptian officials over 10 protesters were injured and 30 arrested.

  • Egypt: The People Want to Liberate Palestine

    “There must constantly be an intifada.  I am for the one state solution, so there must be an intifada in Palestine.  The liberation of Palestine is a part of every one of these Arab revolutions.  Now, even after the revolution, the [Egyptian] army is banning these peaceful convoys [to Gaza] and this show of solidarity […]

  • Egypt’s Christians Blame Army after Sectarian Violence

    Coptic anger turns on the army after bloody sectarian violence gripped Cairo.  The clashes between Muslims and Christians in Imbaba left at least 12 dead.  Two churches were torched.  It’s the latest in a string of sectarian incidents since Egypt’s revolution, which left the army in interim charge of the country.  Now the Coptic community […]

  • Egypt’s Workers Keep the Revolution Alive

    Kamal al Fayoumi, Mahalla Textiles Worker and Democratic Labor Party Activist: All of us, as workers, said that the revolution began on February 11 when Mubarak left.  When the head of the old regime stepped down, it was just the start of the revolution.  The revolution began only with the solidarity of all of Egypt’s […]

  • Join Us on May Day in Tahrir Square: Workers Are the Builders of a New Egypt

    For the minimum necessary for a dignified life.  For the right to organize.  For an end to corruption. انضموا لنا: يوم 1 مايو عيد عمال مصر، بناة مصر Intifadat Intifadat is a collective of filmmakers in Egypt.  The collective won the 2011 Cairo Documentary Festival‘s Streaming the Revolution Award for three videos: “The Downfall of […]

  • Egypt: This Battle Is Far from Over

    It has finally sunk in that the Egyptian military are not on the side of the people.  Egyptians are up against a military apparatus that is maintaining the status quo “system.”  In other words, we are confronting a global neo-liberal regime whereby the Egyptian government would follow the instructions of the powerful: protect Israel, obey […]

  • Egypt, Iran, and the Middle East’s Evolving Balance of Power

    The full extent of the ramifications of the extraordinary developments in Egypt since the beginning of this year — for Egypt itself, for the Middle East, and for the world — will not be clear for some time.  At this juncture, though, it seems virtually certain that post-Mubarak Egypt will have a much more balanced […]

  • Is Syria Like Egypt and Tunisia?  Interview with Bassam Haddad

    Bassam Haddad: The differences between Syria and Egypt and Tunisia are several.  This does not mean that things cannot spin out of control to produce the same effect.  But, structurally speaking, the Syrian society is far more heterogeneous and divided than either the Egyptian or the Tunisian society.  So the opposition is not cohesive.  There […]

  • NATO’s Inevitable War (Part I)

    In contrast with what is happening in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya occupies the first spot on the Human Development Index for Africa and it has the highest life expectancy on the continent. Education and health receive special attention from the State. The cultural level of its population is without a doubt the highest. Its problems […]

  • Egyptian Workers Strike for Minimum Wage and Independent Unions

    Workers’ demonstrations have swept across Egypt demanding an increase in the national minimum wage, an end to corrupt factory management, and the creation of independent workers’ unions. Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk are filmmakers based in Cairo, Egypt.  Read Rizk’s blog Tabula Gaza at <>.  Follow Rizk at <>.  This video was released by the […]

  • Egypt: Mass Strikes and the Military Junta

    Everyone is rightly upset about what the army did in Tahrir Square last night.  Let’s remember, however, the military already moved against peaceful protesters in Suez and is accused of involvement in arrest and torture of hundreds during the uprising.  And almost every day there is a statement from the army warning strikers and protesters, […]

  • From Egyptian Workers to American Workers: “We Stand with You as You Stood with Us”

      Kamal Abbas is General Coordinator of the Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services, an umbrella advocacy organization for independent unions in Egypt.  The CTUWS suffered repeated harassment and attack by the Mubarak regime and played a leading role in its overthrow.  Abbas, who witnessed friends killed by the regime during the 1989 Helwan […]

  • Egyptians Rally in Support of the Libyan Uprising

    Hundreds of Egyptians gathered at the Libyan Embassy in Cairo to show their support for the Libyan uprising and to demand that Muammar al-Gaddafi step down. This video was released by Ahram Online on 21 February 2011. | Print

  • Egypt: Independent Trade Unionists’ Declaration

    Cairo, 19 February 2011 Revolution — Freedom — Social Justice Demands of the Workers in the Revolution O heroes of the 25 January revolution!  We, workers and trade unionists from different workplaces which have seen strikes, occupations, and demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of workers across Egypt during the current period, feel it is right […]

  • Photo from Egypt: “Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers”

      Muhammad Nusair, 21, is an activist and engineering student in Egypt.  He blogs at <>.  Cf. Muhammad Nusair, “From Tahrir to Wisconsin” (19 February 2011).   var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print  

  • Israeli Opinion on Egypt

    After Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned last Friday, we asked Israeli activists as well as people on the street for their opinion about recent events in Egypt. Produced by Ruth Orli Mosser.  This video was released by the Alternative Information Center on 15 February 2011 under a Creative Commons license. | Print

  • Egypt’s Military Junta to Deploy More Troops to Sinai

    This just in from AFP: “Israel has agreed to let Egypt deploy hundreds more troops in Sinai in order to protect gas pipelines as the country undergoes sweeping political unrest.”  Israel’s agreement to more Egyptian troop deployment exceeding the terms of the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty came just as the youth representatives of the tribes […]

  • What Is Happening in Egypt

    What is happening in Egypt is of immense importance, not only due to the importance of the country but also due to the radicality of the demand.  The demand is not just that Mubarak should leave — that is a first step — but that the system be changed, putting an end to the neoliberal […]