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  • A Warning for Egyptian Revolutionaries: Courtesy of People Power in the Philippines

    Much like Mubarak, the former democratic reformer turned long-serving US dictator for the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, demonstrates what can happen to even stalwart defenders of capitalism when they are opposed by their citizens en masse.  Like Mubarak, Marcos previously provided a ray of hope for Western elites intent on quelling popular resistance within their own […]

  • The Revolutionary Rebellion in Egypt

    I said several days ago that the die was cast for Mubarak and that not even Obama could save him. The world knows what is taking place in the Middle East. The news is circulating at incredible speed. Politicians barely have time to read the cables coming in by the hour. Everyone is aware of […]

  • A Glorified Military Coup in Egypt: An Aborted Revolution or the Genesis of a Genuine Revolution?

    Millions of people in Egypt and all over the Middle East erupted in joy as Omar Suleiman announced on Friday that Hosni Mubarak had resigned. The Egyptian military decided to oust a widely-resented dictator as it witnessed the growing threat of a potential revolution being born in Egyptian streets.  Had it been allowed to continue […]

  • Egypt’s Uprising: Not Just a Question of ‘Transition’

    The events of the last weeks are one of those historical moments where the lessons of many decades can be telescoped into a few brief moments and seemingly minor occurrences can take on immense significance.  The entry of millions of Egyptians onto the political stage has graphically illuminated the real processes that underlie the politics […]

  • Egypt: Oil and Gas Workers on Strike

    Thousands of workers from several oil and gas companies are on strike, protesting in front of the Ministry of Petroleum, in Nasr City.  The workers have several economic and political demands, including putting an end to abusive management practices such as sacking workers who speak up for their rights, reinstating the sacked workers, raising salaries […]

  • What Does the Egyptian Revolution Mean for the United States Government?

    The US has not supported democratization in Egypt, or really anywhere else in the Middle East, because US policymakers would not like the outcome of democratic processes.  Policies made by governments that are freely elected by the people would not reflect, would not support, let alone enforce, the US polices that are unpopular, whether that’s […]

  • Egypt: Middle Class for Military Junta, Workers for Permanent Revolution

    Since yesterday, and actually earlier, middle-class activists have been urging Egyptians to suspend the protests and return to work, in the name of patriotism, singing some of the most ridiculous lullabies about “let’s build new Egypt,” “let’s work harder than even before,” etc.  In case you didn’t know, actually Egyptians are among the hardest working […]

  • Egypt: Victory of Democracy

    Victory النصر Democracy الديمقراطية Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  | Print

  • Palestinians Hail the Egyptian Revolution

      Gaza, 11 February 2011 Ramallah, 11 February 2011 The Gaza video was shot by Ken O’Keefe and the Ramallah videos by Nick Marouf.   var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print  

  • Egypt: The Battle Is Not Over Yet

    Mubarak is gone.  This is a great day.  Let’s celebrate.  But the battle is not over yet.  We got rid of Mubarak, and now we need to get rid of the Mubarak’s regime. . . . The left half of the banner in the photo depicts “the elements of the regime that rules Egypt.”  Photo […]

  • On the Egyptian Revolution and the American Strategy

    7 February 2011 . . . Today we declare our solidarity.  One of the forms of our solidarity is to defend this revolution, this intifada, this great historic popular movement.  One of the responsibilities of defending this revolution is to reveal its true image as all data indicate. . . .  We contact those on […]

  • Egyptian Jokes about Hosni Mubarak

    The Interior Minister asks Hosni Mubarak to write a “Farewell Letter” to the Egyptian people.  Mubarak replies: “Why?  Where are they going?” On a popular Egyptian radio show, the deposed president of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali requests Nancy Ajram’s song “I’m Waiting for You” . . . and dedicates it to Egyptian President […]

  • The Egyptian Working Class Enters the Arena with Full Force

    My sources have just confirmed this now.  The Cairo Public Transportation workers, who started a strike today in six garages — Nasr Station, Fateh Station, Ter’a Station, Amiriya Station, Mezzalat Station, Sawwah Station — have issued a statement with a list of demands, calling for overthrowing Mubarak.  No public buses will roam Cairo tomorrow, except […]

  • Egypt: Obama’s Counter-Revolution

    Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  | Print

  • Egyptian Dictatorship, Made in USA

      The Egyptian dictatorship, made in the USA, is still powered by an Israeli battery, but the battery is running low. . . . This cartoon was first published by Al Jazeera; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  Cf. Mark Landler and Helene Cooper, “Allies Press U.S. to Go Slow on Egypt” (New […]

  • #Jan25 Egypt

    The only question is: who’s next? Omar Offendum (MC #1), ; The Narcicyst (MC #2), ; Freeway (MC #3), ; Amir Sulaiman (MC #4) ; Ayah (R&B Vocalist), ; Sami Matar (Producer), ; Artwork by Ridwan Adhami .  Download link: .  Cf. Interview with Omar Offendum (Al Jazeera, 8 February 2011): . | Print

  • The Sound of the Revolution

      Ramy Essam is a singer and composer from Mansoura, Egypt.  For more information about Essam, visit <>.  This song, composed of slogans of the Egyptian Revolution, was performed at Tahrir Square in Egypt on the “Day of Departure” (4 February 2011). | Print  

  • Egypt Will Rise

      Nick Bygon, Moreno Valley, California.  This image is licensed under a Creative Commons license.  An Adobe Illustrator file of this poster is available at <>. | Print  

  • Documenting Mubarak’s Attacks on the Press

      Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  | Print  

  • Egypt: Which Way Is the Way Forward? Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy

      Saturday, February 5th, 8 pm (Egyptian time) What are some of the hurdles the protest movement is facing?  Are there divisions emerging while trying to find common ground? Yesterday the square was completely packed with more than one million protestors and Alexandria witnessed similar protests as well as the other provinces.  But there are […]