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    The blockade, a weapon that causes more death than war

    It deliberately affects defenseless civilians, such as children, the elderly and the sick. The US blockade against Cuba is the most severe and prolonged applied against any country, but it is estimated that one third of the world’s population suffers its effects: there are more than eight thousand sanctions in 39 countries.

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    BP or not to BP?

    This seems to be the message conveyed by “Join us for the fall!” a new protest against this British petrol and gas multinational that will have a space in the British Museum on February 8th 2020.

  • | Military repression aims to silence social unrest in Latin America | MR Online

    Military repression aims to silence social unrest in Latin America

    For popular movements in Latin America and the Caribbean, achieving high levels of political awareness and organisation is not enough whilst the ruling classes, in one way or another, maintain control of the armed forces.

  • | Democracy when the opposition is the Media | MR Online

    Democracy: when the opposition is the Media

    One more court case has been opened against the former Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa. The elite with the help of the corporate media are trying to get him behind bars. Also, a council has been created, by the executive, to control the judiciary, proving that there is no impartial process for the victims of lawfare.

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    WhatsApp and fake news, or how to kill democracy

    Fears and anxieties are used to create and diffuse fake news and manipulate the electorate. This is what happened at the last Brazilian election. A group of researchers studied the case in order to develop a method to deal with fake news.

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    Stealing the wealth of nations

    The international ‘wealth protection industry’ has outgrown the ability of legislation to control it. Assisted by the digital world, money can now be rapidly moved around the world to the most favourable jurisdiction. This tax competition undermines the economies of many countries to the detriment of social services.