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  • Commercial oil tanker AbQaiq readies itself to receive oil at Mina-Al-Bkar Oil terminal (MABOT), an off shore Iraqi oil installation

    Does Iran’s economic fate depend on a lifeline from China?

    China has increased its oil purchases from Saudi Arabia by 43 percent in April. There is every indication that China will continue to increase its buys from the kingdom during the course of this year—to substitute for Iranian oil and, perhaps, for U.S. oil.

  • America has quit the human rights business (Photo Credit: US Department of State / Flickr)

    America has quit the human rights business

    One more illustration of the decline of U.S. influence on the world stage.

  • Weighing the Options: The Next Path for Israel/Palestine

    Given the recent political death of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, many in Israel and the Occupied Territories are wondering who will take the former premier’s spot.  Likewise, Palestinians and Israelis are closely watching who will govern Palestinian society.  The Palestinians engage in the political process first — with parliamentary elections on January 25.  How […]

  • Wolfowitz at the World Bank: A New Leaf?

    [The author has been a senior official in this field and must withhold his identity. — Ed.] I believe in redemption.  Never give up on anyone.  And besides, like many of us, I was told that Paul Wolfowitz might turn out to be another McNamara (well . . . ).  On June 1, Mr. Wolfowitz […]