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  • L’Affaire Zidane: “Some Things Are Bigger than Football”

      Like many millions of fans of “Les Bleus,” France’s multi-ethnic football team, I was stunned and dismayed by the strange denouement of last Sunday’s World Cup final.  Our hero Zinedine Zidane, the greatest player of his generation and an exemplary figure in many ways, was ejected from the game with ten minutes to go […]

  • Sophie Maslow and Woody Guthrie

      “Sophie’s body looked so healthy and so active it looked like it would do almost anything she told it to do.  All she had to do was notify it.” — Woody Guthrie My mother, Marjorie Mazia, and Sophie Maslow were both dancers with the Martha Graham Dance Company in the 1930s – 50s.  It […]

  • In One Sigh

      In one sigh, Death in a third world, A hand lies withered and curled, Peals of death rain down on a child, Artists of life are ruined and defiled, My ovaries sag with hate, I am death to procreate, In one sigh. Ros Csikc-Cyr is an activist.  Her poetry offers a perspective on issues […]

  • Put Down the Government Rag: (tune borrowed from Allen Ginsberg)

    All candidates look the same that is part of their game and what they do to you will always be the same CHORUS: Don’t vote, don’t vote, don’t vote. . . it’s a capitalist hoax. . . Businessmen in suits white shirts and boring ties even the women look like one of the guys The […]

  • The Day Will Come When Koizumi’s US Visit Will Be Damned


  • Hairdresser at the Rehab

    On a broken woman’s scalp a froth of white gloves the fingers scrubbing pillow-matted hair combed, parted, cut, frosted tissue-wrapped ends rolled gently pink and blue. Surrounded by potions clear, cream rinses and highlighters, protein replenishers, a bouquet of silver scissor wands a judge whose voice can’t shape her name sits rapt anticipating, a waitress […]

  • Three Arab Painters in New York

    The emergence of Arab art in New York City has surprised many.  Most importantly, the Made in Palestine exhibit, which opened at the Bridge Gallery in March of 2006, drew large crowds.  The battle of bringing the show to New York, however, was no surprise.  Fearing a strong backlash from the pro-Israel community, galleries and […]

  • Eulogy for Stew Albert

    MAY 6, 2006, New York City Stew Albert Photo by Robert Altman © 2006 Stew Albert was our troubadour, poet, writer, our cherished moral center. On May Day 1971, in Washington DC during the May Day antiwar demonstrations that brought hundreds of thousands of activists to shut down the city, Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo […]

  • Port Militarization Resistance, Olympia, May 2006

      Click on a photo for a larger view. 23-25 May 2006 29 May 2006 On the eighth day of the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance, the U.S.S. Pomeroy has docked to take the Stryker Brigade to Iraq.  The resistance escalates, the Port fence is shaken and nearly taken down before a riot squad enters the […]

  • “The Caiman”: Moretti Faces the Soul of Italy [“Le Caïman”: Moretti face à l’âme italienne]

    Par quel étrange paradoxe Le Caïman, qui est moins personnel que Je suis un autarcique (1976), moins drôle que Sogni d’Oro (1981), moins virtuose que Palombella Rossa (1989), moins émouvant que Journal intime (1993) ou moins romanesque que La Chambre du fils (2001), se révèle-t-il le film le plus fort réalisé à ce jour par […]

  • Edges of Pain [Oevers van pijn]

    Ik wilde je stem horen wanneer je citaten voorleest uit een pas geboren verhaal Ik wilde in je ogen kijken wanneer ze glanzen van verlangen voor het donker Ik wilde je wakker houden met je sterren plukken uit een dicht bewolkte hemel Ik wilde met je wandellen langs een vroege ochtend dronken van samen zijn […]

  • Escape

    Troosteloosheid van het bestaan tussen slaap en wakker zijn Reflectie in reflectie biochemie van errectie Twee bij een: afmeting van een bed Twee bij een: afmeting van een cel Nacht in je armen, muur om me heen Opgaande gebaren, kou in m’n been Ingang voor Exit op rij voor Escape Verneuke leegtes gezweet op een […]

  • Hope under Siege

    You and your friends are invited to attend the San Francisco debut of HOPE UNDER SIEGE, a collaborative photo exhibition depicting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and people.

  • Baburam Bhattarai’s “Letter to the Editor” of the Kantipur Newspaper (Tuesday, April 25, 2006)

    [The revolution in Nepal has led to the recall of the Parliament dismissed by the King in 2002, which shall meet on Friday, April 28th.  The leading force of the revolution, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), control more than eighty percent of the country.  Baburam Bhattarai On April 26th, the CPN(M) agreed to call […]

  • The “Dirty Thirty’s” Peter McLaren Reflects on the Crisis of Academic Freedom

      Peter McLaren David Gabbard and Karen Anijar Appleton, “Fearless Speech in Fearful Times: An Essay Review of Capitalists and Conquerors, Teaching against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism, and Teaching Peter McLaren,” MRZine, 30 October 2005 Peter McLaren is Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University […]

  • Latino Milwaukee

      Click on an image to watch a slide show of the immigrant rights march in Milwaukee on 23 March 2006. SOURCE: Kristyna Wentz-Graff, “A Day without Latinos,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 23 March 2006 March 23, 2006 was a historic day for Milwaukee.  It was a day of Latinos in a city that still thinks […]

  • The Cry of the People: The Commune in Image [Le cri du peuple: la commune en image]

    Jacques Tardi, à qui l’on doit notamment l’extraordinaire La guerre des tranchées, s’est lancé en 2001 dans l’adaptation en bande dessinée du roman libertaire de Jean Vautrin sur la Commune de Paris, Le cri du peuple*.  Le projet devait tenir en trois tomes, mais Tardi a finalement décidé de consacrer à l’insoutenable répression des Versaillais […]

  • San Romero of America, Our Shepherd and Martyr [San Romero de América, Pastor y Mártir Nuestro]

    El ángel del Señor anunció en la víspera. . . El corazón de El Salvador marcaba 24 de marzo y de agonía. Tú ofrecías el Pan, el Cuerpo Vivo — el triturado cuerpo de tu Pueblo; Su derramada Sangre victoriosa — ¡la sangre campesina de tu Pueblo en masacre que ha de teñir en vinos […]

  • Cyril Ferez: “The Man Who Sat Down” [Cyril Ferez: “L’homme assis”]

    C’est ainsi que cela se passe Tu marches et tu décides de t’arrêter La foule est dense et indomptée Tu es en queue de manifestation Ton walkman sur les oreilles pour ne plus entendre Les mugissements des animaux sauvages Casqués, masqués, harnachés Matant et piégeant les graines de rébellion Tu t’assieds La fatigue t’assaille Trop […]

  • Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, USA, 18 March 2006

      The demonstration of about 100 received favorable coverage by a local newspaper: “Protesters Want Soldiers, Dollars Home” (The Pantagraph 19 March 2006). Click on an image for a larger view. Jan Cox is a co-chair of Bloomington-Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice.