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  • Mural commemorating the Bolivian Revolution

    People are radicalizing the Bolivarian Revolution

    For those confused by the recent headlines on Venezuela, this is a point worth explaining. The so-called ‘peaceful’ ‘pro-democracy’ demonstrators of the opposition had made threats against those who planned to participate in the Constituent Assembly elections, leaving many people fearful to vote in their own communities, particularly those with a strong opposition presence. This fear was not unfounded.

  • Red Salutes

    An interview with Timir Basu on the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising

    This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the “Naxalite” revolutionary peasant uprising in northern India, named for the locale in which it first appeared, Naxalbari. What follows is an interview with a prominent Bengali intellectual who recalls his youthful foray into the countryside to organize poor peasants.

  • Capitalism by Sergej Bag

    Awareness of the non-viability of capitalism grows with each passing day

    In Marx there is a concept of an alternative to capitalism that provides a foundation for the needed effort to reinvigorate anti-capitalist movements. But a richer, more adequate understanding of socialism that addresses the realities of contemporary capitalism today still awaits us.

  • Ernest Mandel

    Ernest Mandel: a life for the revolution

    This documentary looks back at Mandel’s life and 60 years of struggles: from the Civil War in Spain to the fall of the Berlin Wall, with segments on Algeria, Che Guevara, Vietnam, the 1960-1961 Belgian general strike, May 68, Portugal, Chile, feminism, workers control, the Sandinistas and more.

  • The rule of the market in East-Central Europe is absolute [Interview].

    The rule of the market in East-Central Europe is absolute

    Nobody can say that liberal democracy has not liberated some people and that some kinds of servitude have not been obliterated. But the current system has run into a number of contradictions.

  • Paul Le Blanc

    The radicalization process yesterday, today, and tomorrow

    On July 21st Paul Le Blanc sat down at his Pittsburgh home with Vaios Triantafyllou for an interview on issues related to a radicalization process that he sees unfolding in the United States today, and possible revolutionary strategies for the future. Le Blanc is uniquely qualified to address these themes, with more than half a […]

  • Venezuelan Chavistas in the streets supporting their revolution

    Venezuela: Chavistas gain upper hand, big challenges remain

    “I believe that failure to recognize the positive aspects of the Maduro presidency undermines efforts at international solidarity, which is very much needed at this moment of such intense hostility and threats on the part of European, North American and South American governments.”

  • People must self-organize and keep up the pressure on their governments if we are to bring about radical change

    There is still an opportunity to get out of the crisis situation and bring about social justice and structural changes that would favour the majority of the population. However if the radical majorities do not seize that opportunity, be sure that the far right will.

  • Locked and Loaded: War with North Korea Cannot be Contained but Must Be Prevented

    War with North Korea cannot be contained but must be prevented

    Peace is possible on the Korean Peninsula. If the planet is to survive, there is no other choice.

  • Since the 1998 invasion of the Congo 5.4 million congolese have perished so the west could access their country's mineral wealth.

    Congo Genocide: An interview with Sylvestre Mido

    Genocost asks that nations formally recognize August 2nd as Congo Genocide Commemoration Day.

  • Daniel Ellsberg, THE DICK CAVETT SHOW - Shoot Date: January 28th, 1972. Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty

    Daniel Ellsberg talked to us about leaking in the age of Trump

    The Trump administration is determined to bust leakers, both in the White House and across U.S. intelligence agencies, who it feels continue to undermine and humiliate the president.

  • Marine Drive in Mumbai

    Prabhat Patnaik on contemporary capitalism and the shape it takes in India

    I think Marxism analyses the contemporary world in a way which nobody else did. Lenin had said the strength of Marxism lies in the fact that it is true. The point is that it is a genuine scientific discovery.

  • Trump protest in Belgium

    The feminism of Anja Meulenbelt

    Trump did us all an enormous favor. His election was such a shock that millions of people went into the street. And to see women in the lead meant a great deal to me as a feminist.

  • Earth Tree

    Rhetoric, fascism and the planetary

    The neoliberal right has succeeded in pushing concentrations of wealth and income to an ever smaller group of tycoons at the top, while the pluralizing Left…has had precarious (and highly variable) success in its efforts to advance the standing of African Americans, Hispanics, women, diverse sexualities, and several religious faiths.… One minority placed in a bind between these two opposing drives…has been the white working and lower middle class. Portions of it have taken revenge for this neglect…. That has created happy hunting grounds for a new kind of neo-fascist movement, one that would extend white triumphalism, intimidate the media, attack Muslims, Mexicans, and independent women, perfect the use of Big Lies, suppress minority voting, allow refugee pressures to grow as the effects of the Anthropocene accelerate, sacrifice diplomacy to dangerous military excursions, and displace science and the professoriate as independent centers of knowledge and pubic authority.

  • Protest against burkini bans

    Marxism, religion and femonationalism

    Our very modes of thinking about the social are fragmented, or intersectional…[which is] why intersectionality has become such an important paradigm for feminism. It conceives of different experiences of oppression and exploitation as coming from different and separate systems and tries to recombine the fragments of oppression without denying their singularity. Social Reproduction Feminism seeks to include and to go beyond intersectionality by saying both that we need to understand capitalism as the very specific socio-economic system in which those forms of oppression are generated and nourished, and that there are not ‘separate’ systems of oppression or exploitation under capitalism that can be understood in isolation one from the other.

  • Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn

    Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn discuss how to get the world we want

    Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbyn on his ideas of progression in Britain, the disgusting actions and speeches by President Donald Trump, and the triumph of the campaign.

  • Neoliberalism and austerity.

    Neoliberalism in crisis

    Persistent economic stagnation together with neoliberal austerity has at this point seriously undermined the stability of the liberal-democratic state and thus the political command sector of the capitalist system. This has led to a dangerous resurgence of political movements in the fascist genus (fascism, neofascism, post-fascism), representing an alternative way of managing the state of the capitalist system, opposed to liberal democracy.

  • Noam Chomsky

    Noam Chomsky on Fascism, Trump, and the state of the union

    Over the past few months, as the disturbing prospect of a Trump administration became a disturbing reality, I decided to reach out to Noam Chomsky, the philosopher whose writing, speaking and activism has for more than 50 years provided unparalleled insight and challenges to the American and global political systems. Our conversation, as it appears here, took place as a series of email exchanges over the past two months. Although Professor Chomsky was extremely busy, because of our past intellectual exchange, he graciously provided time for this interview.

  • Venezuela: ‘our revolutionary democratic experience is at stake’

    Venezuela: ‘our revolutionary democratic experience is at stake’

    Revolutionary activist and sociologist Reinaldo Iturriza has spent many years working with popular movements in Venezuela and writing on the rise of Chavismo as a political movement of the poor. He also served as Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, and then Minister for Culture in President Nicolas Maduro’s cabinet between 2013 and 2016.

  • Izzadine Mustafa

    Izzy out loud

    This year, Ramadan—the ninth month of the Islamic year, in which observant Muslims fast to commemorate the revelation of the Quran—happens to coincide with most of Gay Pride month. Quiet as it’s kept, there are uncounted numbers of queer Muslims in the gay community. One of them is Izzadine Mustafa.