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  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Hate and hope

    The sight of thick-skulled, Nazi-tattooed thugs growling threats as they stormed through the city center, chasing and beating up presumed “foreigners,” unfriendly journalists or any other foes; invoked memories of Charlottesville a year ago—or Germany in the 1930’s.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Nazis on the march

    Ten eventful days in Germany set alarm signals clanging louder and louder—worst of all in the East German state of Saxony—but in Berlin as well!

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Stand up with new hope?

    If you regretted (or rejoiced) that the left-wing German scene, rarely mentioned by US media, was an unimportant sideshow, be prepared for a surprising new hope, called Aufstehen: Stand Up—or for its opposite, more fear.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    A nasty witch and apes—not from Oz

    Even little victories are rare in the East German industrial landscape. But it is always worthwhile to oppose evil witches and even defy autocrats wearing golden caps full of diamonds and rubies.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    The chicken game and rotten eggs

    Germany’s politicians played the chicken game last week, testing which party, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union or its Bavarian “sister party”, Horst Seehofer’s Christian Social Union, would be the first to swerve.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Key congress in Leipzig

    Though almost totally ignored elsewhere, an important happening was also taking place in Germany; the leftist DIE LINKE held a congress in the old trading city, Leipzig. What was so important about it?

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Dangers and divisions

    A Donald-Bibi drama is being staged; each is playing his part on cue. Only days after Netanyahu’s press conference attack on Iran, Trump tore up the U.S. copy of the Iran nuclear agreement.

  • Zero Euro

    Karl Marx’s birth city sells ‘zero-euro’ bills for his 200th birthday

    In Rheinland-Pfalz, Marx’s 200th birthday bash is bringing in a lot of capital. Whether the communist philosopher would have been down with this commerce is hard to say.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Easter march for peace

    What were these indefatigable protesters demanding this time, here in Berlin and at rainy meetings, marches and bicycle parades during the long Easter weekend in over a hundred cities and towns all over Germany?

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Gun controls in old East Germany

    Strict weapons’ laws in the old East Germany, undoubtedly a restriction of on freedom, meant that there were virtually no shooting deaths and never a single mass shooting, in schools or anywhere else.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    New faces and not policies

    There have been some militant strikes in recent months, some are still going on. Can they help in developing healthy antidotes to foul-egg policies of the new government?

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Sunday suspense

    Only one force is genuinely suited to exposing the lies and redirecting emotions away from attacks on the poorest victims and towards solidarity with them against the truly guilty forces on high. It is the Left.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Making everyone happy

    After four and a half months of haggling and recrimination and, four days past the deadline, an all-night session, the three parties had finally settled on a coalition government program—179 pages long.

  • The Young Karl Marx film screening @ 290 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N6, Canada, Toronto [11 January]

    Review of ‘The Young Marx’

    Scott McLemee reviews The Young Karl Marx, which, on the eve of 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, contains themes of economic crises and inequalities that remain relevant today.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman


    It happened in Bonn last Sunday, on January 21st. There were close to 650 delegates, the gallery in the congress hall was also packed with observers. The suspense was almost visible, also among the demonstrators outside. All over Germany millions were watching closely to see if the future path of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), […]

  • Utopia and the right to be lazy

    Utopia and the right to be lazy

    Students are much too busy to think these days. So, when a junior comes to talk with me about the possibility of my directing their senior thesis, I ask them about their topic—and then their schedule. I explain to them that, if they really want to do a good project, they’re going to have to quit half the things they’re involved in.

  • Victor Grossman in Berlin in November 2009

    No Berlin Bulletin—just birds and hopes

    The fights which must be fought and difficulties endured may perhaps be a mite easier and lighter if accompanied by occasional deep breaths of nature with its simple joys, and the freedom hopes, the values and solidarity I sometimes found there and enjoyed so greatly, may also contribute just a little to efforts of good people everywhere in our good cause.

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Crisis in Germany?

    The impasse in forming a government in Germany has dragged on since election day, September 24th—often like a traffic gridlock, hardly moving forward. But Germany is Europe’s main central power—and with no proper government!

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    From gender to Jamaica

    It didn’t affect many people directly, but even small victories are welcome these days. Germany’s Constitutional Court just ruled that no-one should be forced to declare themselves officially male or female. It thus created a third open category anyone can opt for (or be opted by parents when still a child). I think everyone can […]

  • Photo Credit: Jorge Gonzales (flickr)

    The imposition of class

    The recent success of authoritarian-populist politicians and the critique of globalisation, unemployment and social insecurity they advocate has prompted renewed attention to the question of class. In Germany, this debate has been accompanied by discussions surrounding the publication of Didier Eribon’s recent book, Returning to Reims.