• | Tearing Down the Cubicle Organising with Gen Z office workers | MR Online

    Tearing down the cubicle: Organising with Gen-Z office workers

    Hate your office job? Overwhelmed by late capitalist society? Feel like you’re slipping into fatalism? Nathan Ó Broin has some tips on how to overcome your alienation.

  • | In the AI of the Beholder | MR Online

    In the AI of the Beholder: Discussing Artificial Intelligence – Part 1

    In an introductory article discussing artificial intelligence, Memet Uludağ looks at the historical context around technological advancement and takes stock of some of the hype around AI. Will AI be the gamechanger it is being heralded as? To what extent will it change our societies? How will it affect work practices and workers?

  • | Why Wont She Just Leave Him Domestic Violence and Lone Parents | MR Online

    ‘Why won’t she just leave him?’ domestic violence and lone parents

    Why won’t she just leave him? The answer is she can’t.

  • | The Global Struggle for Bodily Autonomy | MR Online

    The global struggle for bodily autonomy

    The example of Sparta is an interesting precedent for the way in which people’s bodies have been controlled and utilized beyond their consent throughout history. The control of our bodies presupposes capitalism, but capitalism in turn has entrenched it.

  • | Sweden Herd Immunity Myth | MR Online

    The Swedish Herd Immunity myth

    After a Spring in which Sweden had one of the worst Covid death rates in Europe, some latched on to their low summer case numbers to argue for a herd immunity approach. But as cases again rise dramatically, Madeleine Johansson challenges the Swedish herd immunity myth.

  • | 1857 Rebellion in Colonial India | MR Online

    The 1857 rebellion in Colonial India

    The 1857 Rebellion against British rule in Colonial India hasn’t always received the attention it deserves, despite being one of the most important uprisings of the 19th century. Pranav Jani argues it’s high time we changed that.

  • | Disability Covid and Capitalism | MR Online

    Disability, Covid and Capitalism

    With phrases like “protect the vulnerable” & “underlying conditions” currently all around us, disability activist Ruth Flood looks at the horrendous treatment of disabled people under capitalism.

  • | Marx Engels and Metabolic Rift Part Two | MR Online

    Marx, Engels and metabolic rift – Part Two

    The development in 1909, by the German chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch of a technique for taking Nitrogen out of the atmosphere to produce ammonia (NH3) allowed for the production of synthetic fertilisers (and explosives) on an industrial scale.

  • | Marx Engels and Metabolic Rift Part One | MR Online

    Marx, Engels and Metabolic Rift – Part One

    Despite our assumed position as Earth’s dominant species, we have seen our society effectively shut down by a virus. Friedrich Engels’s caution against hubris, written over a century and half ago, seems particularly apt.

  • | Zero Covid Our Way Out | MR Online

    Zero Covid: Our way out

    As cases continue to rise, Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin argues that the only way to avoid a winter crisis and future rolling lockdowns is an All-Ireland Zero Covid strategy which protects workers and puts public health first.

  • | Against Advertising | MR Online

    Against advertising

    Advertising is a constant feature of our everyday lives. John Molyneux argues that as a result, we often ignore its real and unsavoury function: capitalist propaganda par excellence.

  • | The Revolutionary Answers of CLR James | MR Online

    The revolutionary answers of C.L.R. James

    The Black Lives Matter movement across the U.S. against police violence and racist inequality is one of the most dynamic political developments in years.

  • | The US Rebellion for Black Lives | MR Online

    The U.S. rebellion for black lives

    As protests rage across America against police brutality and systemic racism, Akunna Eneh, an activist from Boston, argues that the movement sparked by the murder of George Floyd has exposed the true face of American society.

  • | Capitalism and the home | MR Online

    Capitalism & the home

    We have become used to ‘stay at home’ in the corner of our TV screens, behind nightly government press conferences, repeated over and over on the radio and in social media.

  • | COVID 19 Through the Eyes of Workers in the US | MR Online

    COVID-19: Through the eyes of workers in the U.S.

    Sarah Jaffe, with co-journalist Michelle Chan, interviews U.S. workers of all stripes for their podcast “Belabored” for Dissent Magazine. The following interviews are excerpts from their series on COVID-19 stories, republished with permission.

  • | Vladimir Lenin 150 | MR Online

    Vladimir Lenin 150

    To marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lenin we’re sharing the latest installment of Paul LeBlanc’s series Revolutionaries Reviewed, on Vladimir Lenin – a central leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917, which overthrew tsarist rule and attempted to bring about a new socialist society.

  • | The Connivance of Capitalists written by Eamonn McCann | MR Online

    The connivance of capitalists

    Socialist ideas have been jeered and sneered at by the same establishment now faced with the consequences of their profit driven contempt. We should be done with those bellowing cheerleaders of capitalism, argues Eamonn McCann.

  • | How Racism Works Today written by John Molyneux | MR Online

    How racism works today

    With racist speech and sentiments coming more to the fore in current Irish politics, campaigner John Molyneux takes a look at how racist ideas and language work today.

  • | XR A Socialist Perspective | MR Online

    XR: A Socialist perspective

    With Extinction Rebellion growing rapidly across the world in the fight against climate change, John Molyneux gives his perspective on how socialists should respond to this phenomenon.

  • | No One To Save Us But Ourselves | MR Online

    No one to save us but ourselves

    Ahead of the September 20 Climate Strike, Eoghan Ó’Ceannabháin breaks down the failings of the far right and the liberal establishment in tackling global climate change.