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Islamic Republic of Iran: Inflation Rate

What Do the Iranians Want?

The priority of the Iranian people, according to the Zogby poll released on 13 July 2006,1 is economy: 41% say economy should be Iran’s top priority, a far larger proportion than those who regard nuclear capability (27%) or freedom (23%) as the most important.  The correct priority if you ask me, as the Supreme Leader […]

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The Apartheid Wall

CUPE “Boycott Israel” Debate Rages On

  As trade union and community activists, socialists, and officials in our respective union organizations, we strongly support the recent Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario resolution supporting the international Boycott Israel campaign.  The resolution criticizes Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territory, characterizing it as “apartheid.”  It calls on the union to develop an […]

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Rick Wolff

Global Oil Market Dangers

International intrigues and eventually war — with all its now daily horrors — flow partly from the highly unstable economics of global oil.  Not only has this been true for a long time, it promises to continue that way unless and until some mass movement ends it.  The report of US planning to bomb Iran […]

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Woody Guthrie and a Dancer

Sophie Maslow and Woody Guthrie

  “Sophie’s body looked so healthy and so active it looked like it would do almost anything she told it to do.  All she had to do was notify it.” — Woody Guthrie My mother, Marjorie Mazia, and Sophie Maslow were both dancers with the Martha Graham Dance Company in the 1930s – 50s.  It […]

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Carl R.

Race Track

  Working people like to gamble.  It adds excitement to life and allows us to dream that we might be able to live without working at jobs we detest.  As a boy, I played poker, shot nine-ball, pot bowled, bet the ponies, and even hit the bingo tables once.  “Hap,” the man who ran the […]

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Darkness on the Edge of Cairo

Every day I walk from my fashionable neighborhood to the university and pass a pair of very kind, white-uniformed police officers.  They stand in their almost blindingly clean attire, only a block from my crumbling apartment building, smoking Egypt’s cheapest Cleopatra cigarettes and directing traffic.  “Ya Pasha!” they shout, “Habibi!”  This is my daily greeting […]

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Open Letter to Monthly Review Editors

I received the following open letter from Yassamine Mather, signed by seventeen activists and intellectuals in the Iranian diaspora including herself, and with her permission, I am publishing it here.  Among activists and intellectuals on the Left committed to the advancement of women in particular and the working class in general, as well as to […]

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The Impending Political Crisis in Mexico

The electoral crisis in Mexico has not been resolved.  In fact, judging by yesterday’s events, it is metastasizing into a serious political crisis. But before I comment on the recent events, I want to step back a little and look at the big picture. For the most part, and regardless of noises made by Calderón […]

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Chavez y Ahmadinejad

Iran and Venezuela Will Review Bilateral Relations and Energy Issues in July [Irán y Venezuela revisarán relaciones bilaterales y tema energético en julio]

Caracas, 28 Jun. ABN. — Con la finalidad hacerle seguimiento a las relaciones bilaterales y discutir sobre el tema energético, los presidentes de la República Islámica de Irán, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad y la República de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, se reunirán en Teherán a finales de julio. Haga click en la foto para agrandar. Hugo Chávez […]

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Michael Dawson

“Our” Real Addiction: Capitalist Waste in Transportation

“America is addicted to oil.”  Thus spake George W. Bush in his 2006 “State of the Union” speech. At first hearing, this sounds like a remarkable breakthrough in public discourse.  A sitting U.S. President admitting that the nation’s relationship to petroleum is one of addiction?  Sounds like a major advance in honesty, doesn’t it?  And, […]

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Norman Finkelstein

Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself

Click on an image for a larger view. Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself We Didn’t Intend to Kill the Civilians Carlos Latuff, born in Rio de Janeiro on 30 November 1968, is a political cartoonist.  He is the author of the famous “We Are All Palestinians” series, comparing oppressed peoples at various times […]

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98.45% of Polling Stations Tallied, Difference of One Percentage Point between Calderón and Obrador [Con 98.45% de casillas, diferencia de un punto entre Calderón y AMLO: PREP]

Revela el conteo desplome de Madrazo Da a conocer el IFE archivo de inconsistencias Faltan por computar 2 mil 17 casillas, lo que supone un millón 111 mil 350 sufragios potenciales Al computarse 98.45 por ciento de las casillas de la votación para la Presidencia de la República, el Programa de Resultados Electorales Preliminares (PREP) […]

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