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  • Map of atomic bombs exploded on the Marshall Islands

    The poison and the tomb

    It takes three days on the open sea to journey from the Marshall Islands capital to Enewetak Atoll. You can’t see the atoll until you’re just miles away as it’s only feet above sea level. As you get closer, the sun fades behind clouds and the islands are shrouded in mist. Beaches are fringed not by coconut palms but Australian pines, trees praised for soaking up salt-spray and airborne radionuclides.

  • U.S. workers and their decades of lost earnings

    U.S. workers and their decades of lost earnings

    It happened gradually, but thanks to the U.S. media, economic news has largely been reduced to stock market reporting. Want to know how the economy is doing? Check the S&P 500 Index. Want to know whether the latest Trump proposal is good or bad? Check the S&P 500 Index.

  • White Working Class

    Race traitors wanted: apply within

    The term “white working class” captured much of the media analysis which sought to explain Trump’s meteoric rise and subsequent victory to the highest office in the United States. The obsession with polling and voting trends based in demographics is certainly nothing new.

  • Women march for equality.

    Where does women’s oppression come from?

    The liberation of women must be at the heart of the struggle for socialism, argues the MARX MEMORIAL LIBRARY

  • FACT NOT FAKE: Demonstrators protest against pension reforms proposed by the government and holding an cutout of President Michel Temer, 10 days ago

    The media’s fake news about Latin America

    TIM YOUNG demonstrates how Western coverage of South America is heavily biased against the continent’s progressive leaders, movements and governments.

  • Utopia and trade

    Donald Trump’s decision to impose import tariffs—on solar panels and washing machines now, and perhaps on steel and aluminum down the line—has once again opened up the war concerning international trade.

  • The sculpture of the naked paleolithic woman dates back to somewhere between 25,000 and 28,000 BC. | Photo: Museum of Natural History- Vienna

    Too hot to handle: Facebook mistakes Willendorf Virgin for porn

    “An archaeological object, especially iconic, should not be banned from Facebook,” the Museum of Natural History in Vienna said.

  • The US economy

    Bubbles, stocks and crashes

    WHAT is happening in the U.S. economy provides an object lesson on the functioning of neo-liberal capitalism. Pre-first world war capitalism which had witnessed the long Victorian and Edwardian boom had relied on the colonial arrangement for the system’s dynamics.

  • Robots

    The robot, unemployment, and immigrants

    For every industrial robot introduced into the workforce, six jobs are eliminated. – Since a few days, Amazon has started Amazon Go. The idea is simple: a shop where you go in, take whatever you want from the shelves, and the cost goes automatically to a magnetic card that you carry.

  • Ahed Tamimi as Wonder Woman

    A plea for Ahed Tamimi’s protection

    The Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick of Che Guevara black and red portrait fame has done it again: He has painted a minimalist poster of another iconic leader of her people and of a worldwide liberation movement, this time of an oppressed child who had slapped power with her bare truth. When I read his rationale for painting the new portrait I cried. The man’s pacifism, sincerity, and especially his concern for Ahed Tamimi’s life touched me.

  • Berkeley free speech movement in 1964 PHOTO: Chris Kjobech

    The fight over free speech on campus

    On university campuses around the world, “free speech” is becoming the favourite slogan of the right, sure to be raised during campus political controversies.

  • Eduardo Galeano

    The political economy of space and time in Eduardo Galeano

    Uruguyan novelist and historian Eduardo Galeano (1940–2015) wrote more than 40 books. Monthly Review lauded his creative non-fiction Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent (1973[1971]) as ‘outstanding political economy … and perhaps the finest description of primitive capital accumulation since Marx’.

  • People gathered in protest to gene drives.

    Movements of millions say no to gene drives as Brazil attempts to legalize genetic extinction technology

    The largest rural movements in Brazil, representing well over a million farmers, are protesting a new Brazilian regulation that would allow release of gene drives, the controversial genetic extinction technology, into Brazil’s ecosystems and farms.

  • Google's offices in London

    Google’s stranglehold on information

    Last September, Verge writer Cat Ferguson uncovered that Google had unwittingly allowed shady generators to manipulate its AdWords system.

  • Daring democracy

    How the anti-democracy movement use media to command the narrative

    As far back as 1835, perhaps our nation’s earliest and most astute observer, Alexis de Tocqueville, understood the power of the media. He described the press as “the chief democratic instrument of freedom.” But today our “instrument of freedom” seems to mean the freedom to enrich oneself privately, whatever it takes. How did we get to this sad state?

  • Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

    Sunday suspense

    Only one force is genuinely suited to exposing the lies and redirecting emotions away from attacks on the poorest victims and towards solidarity with them against the truly guilty forces on high. It is the Left.

  • Person pointing a gun at someone drifting in a canoe after a natural disaster

    There is no such thing as a natural disaster

    “Policies aimed at aid and reconstruction became their own forms of punishment, leaving the island more indebted, unequal, dependent and polluted than it was before the hurricane hit.”

  • The Origin Of The Millennial Label

    The origin of the millennial label (and how mainstream media fails to point it out)

    Here’s an experiment for you-ask five people if they know where the “millennial” label came from. Chances are that none of them will know. In fact, not much is known about the meaning of the label, other than it being a synonym for “young people” or a catch-all term for those who are “x-to-x” years old.

  • Black feminist views of justice

    Is equality enough?

    Race/isms Book Forum is a new series aimed at bringing established and emerging voices together in conversation around recent work that critically engages our world’s racial scripts, past and present. The structure of the forum is straightforward. We invite three to four thinkers to grapple with a book, highlighting a section of it, and then provide the author(s) an opportunity to respond however they see fit.

  • Black Panther

    ‘Black Panther’ is not the movie we deserve

    Even in a comic-book movie, black American men are relegated to the lowest rung of political regard. So low that the sole white leading character in the movie, the CIA operative Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), gets to be a hero who helps save Wakanda.